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{January 26, 2009}   Merry lunar new year’s day!
2 days passed since the beginning of the great holiday. its not a bad lunar
new year’s day for me. with the another bonus from QRRS, my long time
employer superficially, i equipped my camera with a rechargeable battery
pack, and a bag for my new notebook bought just before the holiday. God, i
felt so contented! in the conversation with my home town folks online, i
sensed some of them don’t glad as me when i told them my news and how i
enjoyed them. might as jealous as it can be as them felt, but i hope God
didn’t left them in misery without hope in this holy days.

as doubtlessly, i shot a lot with my new camera, including open outdoor
scenes. even carry a camera as large as my FujiFilm Finepix s2000HD can
brings passengers curiosity, i would try my best to bring it everywhere as
my second brain and sight. i really enjoy photograph!

last night is the eve of lunar new year. the grandma, the aunt(the kid
sister of baby’s mom) and the uncle (the second son of ema’s aunt) gathered
in ema’s house to celebrating the holiday. the grandma prepared a rich
feast, and the aunt of baby left in time to free me of worry of letting me
sleep with the uncle while ema’s family slept with baby in our bedroom. last
night my family, ema and me and baby son, warren zhu, first time since the
curse slept together in bedroom. the grandma with the uncle slept in another
room future for baby. baby lingered aside the uncle with pc games most of
time. i hope he can care himself days after days. i *in beset of God* to let
him do mostly what he likes.

its a nice day today, bright sunshine till afternoon. ema decided to buy a
pmp to read ebook on it. she chose to buy it online. but she remit the
payment directly to the vendor, instead through the bidding site, i just too glad to see people around me enjoy their new

ok, that’s it. now please enjoy my works through my camera.

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{January 22, 2009}   bookmarks daily 01/22/2009

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{January 22, 2009}   ok, my another pub open now
hope i can here hear from voice from my home town, a mountain village in central China, doomed to boom. God shines over the land and its people, offspring of the Emperor of Ming Dynasy.

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{January 22, 2009}   8th snow in Qiqihar, China
yesterday its really chilly. in the night i busy with posting a blog
entry for my newly claimed sites for my home town, zhudajiu, a
mountain village in Central China. this morning after getting up my
first thought is if it snown last night. on the way to office i saw
the snow was heavy. i don’t feel too glad to see the white, for it
hinders me to carry my new camera with me as i intended. i remember in
the urgent moments when i in need of snow to clean the dirty around
from staining me, and my inherit love for snow white.
this morning again a busy morning. i didn’t left my chair except for
lavatory. i pushed the last post to my google apps sites, and new logo
to all my publish channels. i by the way claimed a new youtube group,
dajiuzh at…up/dajiuzh, beside the previous
channel of zhdajiu at…up/zhdajiu, and
decorated them with their new logo. i ate fast food in office, for the
snow covered road really can be dangerous.
ok, its a nice morning, in the atmosphere of coming holiday of lunar
new year. i also look forward it, for leisure and gathering. ema asked
several times why i longing for the holiday, now that my purse was
empty and my social circle was meanly and countable. she don’t know i
always live with hope, and hope with my due glory and pride.

for i didn’t carry my powerful new camera, i had to shot this snow
scene with my poor cellphone camera.

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{January 18, 2009}   the 7th snow in Qiqihar, China
last night baby asked to play games all time. the tv weather
forecasted a snow night. this morning i got up early to let pc
download, then i found the snow even the moment stopped. all road
covered with white, even its a common scene in the north. last snow
was heavy and cost quite some time before the road workers clean it
from road. i then picked my new cameraand shot some photos from our
windows. i remembered earlier years when baby still just can walk,
every snow day i wouldcarried him outside to shot photos, but now baby
and me neither have the mood to hang outside.

today again most of time accompany baby playing pc games. i m a avid
new games chaser while baby just want to make fun. i restlessly
monitor the new games’ release via p2p networks. its really handy to
follow the byte flow of shared stuff, not only u got a birdview of the
development of games or warez or music, all kind of resources, their
industries, but u also can make a close contacts with the stuff, like
a great free grocery shop.
these days pragmatic thoughts frequent me, let divine deeply beneth
routine life of my being contented with what i had now, esp. the view
of my elder time in solitude alone in dusty corner. i put my faith in
God, but these days i was stuffed with worry of world leaving me away
and helix up. i see the danger of being buried, and the bet to mute me
in leasing, i was but left to God, my God. that’s my fate.
its a not bad day today, esp. now after showered in public bathroom,
even a bit with fatigues, the snow continued again when i way home. i
long for my home town, in this lunar year end, and holiday celebrating
accumulating. i miss those folks, esp. the young generation there. i
miss the bright sunshine and the leasure of life. i stayed here for
being forgot, for being ignored. i always look forward the new
that’s my new year’s wish, in ur view, God.
attachment is baby son, warren zhu, with his ball candy on Jan 17,
2009, a day before the 7th snow in Qiqihar, China.

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{January 16, 2009}   re-polish my profile at
these days mostly i searched for resource for download, mainly games
for baby, warren zhu, or posting photos shot with my favorite first
camera. feeds in my google reader awaiting to mark out accelerated
some. this morning i received a message from a Chinese portal,, to inform me a pal there followed me. the avatar of the
user is a bright beautiful girl, so i was attracted and immediately
re-polish my profile there, even i had received several message from
the site to urge me to resume my update on the portal some time ago.
the task cost me a full morning, for speed connecting the portal very
lagging, likely under China surveillance. i managed to be patient, and
finished now building 2 public web albums on it, and embody my
profile/avatar. now i need a blog to open my home, , there.
these days i really enjoy my first camera, after reading carefully its
manual, i now can feel confident that i m able to make full usage of
its all features. i really glad to see its powerful. i hope sooner the
icy road turns to less slippery, then i will brought it with me all
time to shot what i like.
these night we all slept lately, for baby attracted a lot by games i
got from web. with my new and first notebook i also fond to linger on
it later, which brought baby’s mother, ema’s lots of complains. i
surely live with joys and day by day see the light at the end of the
tunnel of obscure.
its a bright sunny day outside of the window. i always felt the joyful
atmosphere of lunar new year. ema asked why i need the holiday, now
that i m old enough and earn so poor. she don’t know i own. i own the
land and kingdom from my ancestor, i own the earth.
ok, that’s my first blog here on, second site beside
i likely will keep building with. i don’t need it be perfect, but i
can be known the level Chinese portal can achieve.
attached a photo of my first camera&notebook. they need me to remember them.

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baby’s mother, ema, more or less unbalanced upon my purchase of a camera and a notebook, so she ask for treat and i permitted. we dined out nearby. i of cause bring my camera and here is the scene of our gathering.
others are our family life at home. baby also tried the camera to shot me. its all too beautiful with the so nice camera.
the weekends i mainly preparing a working environment on my notebook, for backup. baby likes the new camera and the new notebook. he now asked to own the old pc solely.
all after all, its just too perfect of my life. i hope my shooting skill improved sooner.
God sees my pleasure with my new gadgets.

for first posting missing video when it erred after upload, repost it here.

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yesterday all the morning i searched their information of camera and
notebook, as well as cellphone, and doing compares. in less than 1 hour i
got the two gadgets i longing so long in the local electronic market.


富士S2000HD Fuji Finepix 2000HD(cost me ¥1600)


神舟Hasee 天运 F1600 (cost me ¥2800)

so great i felt now.

last night i prepared working environment on my first notebook so far and
cost all night. i shot 2 picture with my new first camera and intended to
post a blog for it but the task lagged. this morning i got up a bit late,
and shot the sunrise. even the ground covered with icy snow, slippery and
too risky to carry a camera so peculiar for me, i brought it with me and
shown office members my loot. its just too cool with a full function camera
aside u.

its my first giga eye, by the aid of my grand Dad, my God, with my first
camera, a Fiji Finepix s2000HD, i will see more and shot more, for its my
another sight, my another site. i can’t not keep it updating. from now on, u
will see more of my life and eco, while i see more feast of Holy.

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{January 7, 2009}   a day of bliss and gifts.
last night i again slept alone in bedroom while ema insisted to bring
baby slept in the room future for baby and where the pc sits. this
morning i dozed in office till 11 am, no reason for why i as so
sleepy. the snow, likely the 6th in Qiqihar, northeastern China,
started since the dawn, and now covered the ground throughly. after
returning the office, i got a biggest ever bonus from my long time
employer, of ï¿¥6000, i at once informed ema, who just in her classroom
monitoring a exam. then the guy on the facing desk entered and
demanded my opinion about the bonus, and suggested i returned hometown
with it, after i telling him i will do some most wanted buyings.
that’s all so nice, Dad, God, u see, how i can be the most catered and
mosted beloved son of u. God, i in need of ur attending ever more
eagerer to see my fate to slide into meeting with my beloved girls.

now i will launched to search for my gadgets i will buy with the bonus
u offered. God, u don’t know how i longing for change, while pitiful
for the miserable persons i lived with so long, like ema. i can’t live
without my girls i appeal and preach so lengthy here on the web. i
know u got the answer which can’t not be the best of the world of
yes, its a nice day, so auspicious, as i frequently sensed. i love
white, i love bright. i love especially my dynasty, BRIGHT, or 明 in
Chinese, in the title of light of God.
ok, bye. now i need some time to prepare my shopping list, which never so long.

the photo shot with my shabby cellphone, hopefully will be the last
sight in unclear. the place just outside of dorms of QRRS, my long
time employer of superficial.

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today the first day of separation after last night blizzard where i
scorned baby and warned him the evil&danger of his mother’s family,
including his mother herself. i busy with my routine work all day.
baby’s mother absent at noon when i returned for lunch. baby also
absent, while in the morning they lingered at home as ema told me
previously she in break, and i ate remnant of porridge she cooked
yesterday. i hated baby under expectation, but i more hated his mother
and her family. evil never left the house of ema. i trust God let my
baby turning to normal way, to be a honest and respectable man. God
sees. he is in fact the God of mine, and i just do what i had to do to
manifest to all around the house, those spies, and his mother’s
family, including herself. i need time to fine tune my baby for what i
observed and learned of God’s way. his mother and other evils just
fear and attempted to block my due task to father my baby son, warren
zhu, hope of China and the God of the universe. i do, i did, and i
done well, i oath. its a sunny day today, which pacified me so much. i
dozed all the morning in office, and dreamed losing of my baby, and
contacting the woman (ema?) who gave birth of my baby and now lost her
right eyes, trying to reborn my second baby son, to satisfy my deep
sorrow and untouchable pains for my losing baby son. the woman likely
not gifted and in miserable situation and under her new man’s control,
but she tried to satisfy me. i don’t believe in the dream, i just felt
the pains of losing my baby. but, after all, i think my burst last
night is a rebirth both for my baby son and myself. in the past days
we covered by too much dirty evils. and i believe in the sunshine and
the sun right always on me and the Royal of mine. that’s my review
today. i look forward to live and forever live with my baby son,
warren, for the oath i prayed to God when i in turbulence before last
time fell into asylum to cure my hopelessness upon evils on my baby
son in infancy, i will forever attending him, just like attending my
passed grand Father. i look through all clouds for the day i see the
right layout of my kingdom of China from my ancestor of glory
centuries ago. dad, God, u see.

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