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{July 31, 2009}   got family brand etherpad.

dozed a lot in office. later review recent photos locally.claiming vanity url etherpad for family.

{July 30, 2009}   brought baby hauntin

brought baby haunting outside.lots of dogs biting when baby played in baby zone.its a busy day and fruitful.

{July 30, 2009}   post video&photo&blog.

post recent video/photos since morning.claim family accounts with vimeo& a blog for it.

ema suggested to haunt Lun River after all her pupils left. i hesitated but couldn't let baby alone. so we together launched. in the river baby really had a good time! he enjoyed the water so much! i kept on shot. neighbors likely including some evils and dogs surveillance us. one of 2 men babbled and claimed too brutal, just let us know. God sees the beautiful scene!

for youtube banned in China for a long time, i had found other video hosting site to post my video of baby playing in the river. so i found vimeo, and registered some family frequent accounts. but this moment access to it unstable, China surveillance likely dog chasing after us and ruin any way i can make use of. however, this video is available, as vimeo email to report me this message.

the dark over China Internet sky really sick and thick nowadays. i bet its resolved with the collapse of dictation in China, the dogged land and my vested kingdom from God and my ancestor.

view our happy moment with water in Lun river of Heilongjiang, a tour of an hour bus from ema's house, aside the city of Qiqihar.

the same movie hosted on flickr, shorten for the site's limit on length of movie.

bye, all my beloved, time left for us is bounty while words between us is peculiar. join me my beloved, sooner the better.

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{July 30, 2009}   claimed family accou

claimed family accounts with vimeo, claiming short url&groups’ each.

{July 29, 2009}   @zoho zoho likely in

@zoho zoho likely in black list in China surveillance. i can’t access it for quite some time.sometimes a broken page of zoho shown, but most of my chat accounts can’t logon.

{July 29, 2009}   Dozed many times in

Dozed many times in morning.lunch in my new!returned home earlier.sort photos&upload to domestic web album while picasaweb uploading broke many times.

{July 28, 2009}   Dozed a lot in morni

Dozed a lot in morning.check picasaweb assure recent blog to feeds offline.left office around 3 pm.

{July 28, 2009}   Dozed a lot in morni

Dozed a lot in morning.check picasaweb assure recent blog to feeds offline.left office around 3 pm.

{July 27, 2009}   stayed in office mos

stayed in office most of the day.launched nearby.dozed for awhile. later prepared a blog entry&try to post in night. China surveillance made it time upload still in trouble.

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