benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{January 9, 2009}   my biz equipped with 2 new powerful army knives
yesterday all the morning i searched their information of camera and
notebook, as well as cellphone, and doing compares. in less than 1 hour i
got the two gadgets i longing so long in the local electronic market.


富士S2000HD Fuji Finepix 2000HD(cost me ¥1600)


神舟Hasee 天运 F1600 (cost me ¥2800)

so great i felt now.

last night i prepared working environment on my first notebook so far and
cost all night. i shot 2 picture with my new first camera and intended to
post a blog for it but the task lagged. this morning i got up a bit late,
and shot the sunrise. even the ground covered with icy snow, slippery and
too risky to carry a camera so peculiar for me, i brought it with me and
shown office members my loot. its just too cool with a full function camera
aside u.

its my first giga eye, by the aid of my grand Dad, my God, with my first
camera, a Fiji Finepix s2000HD, i will see more and shot more, for its my
another sight, my another site. i can’t not keep it updating. from now on, u
will see more of my life and eco, while i see more feast of Holy.

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