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{January 18, 2009}   the 7th snow in Qiqihar, China
last night baby asked to play games all time. the tv weather
forecasted a snow night. this morning i got up early to let pc
download, then i found the snow even the moment stopped. all road
covered with white, even its a common scene in the north. last snow
was heavy and cost quite some time before the road workers clean it
from road. i then picked my new cameraand shot some photos from our
windows. i remembered earlier years when baby still just can walk,
every snow day i wouldcarried him outside to shot photos, but now baby
and me neither have the mood to hang outside.

today again most of time accompany baby playing pc games. i m a avid
new games chaser while baby just want to make fun. i restlessly
monitor the new games’ release via p2p networks. its really handy to
follow the byte flow of shared stuff, not only u got a birdview of the
development of games or warez or music, all kind of resources, their
industries, but u also can make a close contacts with the stuff, like
a great free grocery shop.
these days pragmatic thoughts frequent me, let divine deeply beneth
routine life of my being contented with what i had now, esp. the view
of my elder time in solitude alone in dusty corner. i put my faith in
God, but these days i was stuffed with worry of world leaving me away
and helix up. i see the danger of being buried, and the bet to mute me
in leasing, i was but left to God, my God. that’s my fate.
its a not bad day today, esp. now after showered in public bathroom,
even a bit with fatigues, the snow continued again when i way home. i
long for my home town, in this lunar year end, and holiday celebrating
accumulating. i miss those folks, esp. the young generation there. i
miss the bright sunshine and the leasure of life. i stayed here for
being forgot, for being ignored. i always look forward the new
that’s my new year’s wish, in ur view, God.
attachment is baby son, warren zhu, with his ball candy on Jan 17,
2009, a day before the 7th snow in Qiqihar, China.

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