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{January 26, 2009}   Merry lunar new year’s day!
2 days passed since the beginning of the great holiday. its not a bad lunar
new year’s day for me. with the another bonus from QRRS, my long time
employer superficially, i equipped my camera with a rechargeable battery
pack, and a bag for my new notebook bought just before the holiday. God, i
felt so contented! in the conversation with my home town folks online, i
sensed some of them don’t glad as me when i told them my news and how i
enjoyed them. might as jealous as it can be as them felt, but i hope God
didn’t left them in misery without hope in this holy days.

as doubtlessly, i shot a lot with my new camera, including open outdoor
scenes. even carry a camera as large as my FujiFilm Finepix s2000HD can
brings passengers curiosity, i would try my best to bring it everywhere as
my second brain and sight. i really enjoy photograph!

last night is the eve of lunar new year. the grandma, the aunt(the kid
sister of baby’s mom) and the uncle (the second son of ema’s aunt) gathered
in ema’s house to celebrating the holiday. the grandma prepared a rich
feast, and the aunt of baby left in time to free me of worry of letting me
sleep with the uncle while ema’s family slept with baby in our bedroom. last
night my family, ema and me and baby son, warren zhu, first time since the
curse slept together in bedroom. the grandma with the uncle slept in another
room future for baby. baby lingered aside the uncle with pc games most of
time. i hope he can care himself days after days. i *in beset of God* to let
him do mostly what he likes.

its a nice day today, bright sunshine till afternoon. ema decided to buy a
pmp to read ebook on it. she chose to buy it online. but she remit the
payment directly to the vendor, instead through the bidding site, i just too glad to see people around me enjoy their new

ok, that’s it. now please enjoy my works through my camera.

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