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{August 31, 2009}   tried all games from

tried all games from my archives with baby while let my notebook downloading. China surveillance likely broke into my notebook for its surfing speed very lagging. my gmail also auto logout.even now there is only a thread downloading at a speed of 10kb or more via http, my gmail still open slowly.

{August 31, 2009}   sorted games index o

sorted games index on my backup dvds.idle most time in office. it drizzled. power supply down just after my arrival.i tried to let a woman colleague to download for me but awhile after lunch on Simen’s autobiography.returned home earlier&bought baby KFC.

baby quite enjoyed tank combat game on new acer notebook.the game never run smoothly on family other legend computers.try to d/l a boot image all day but unable to finish it.

last night backup os of notebook.this morning got all windows patches&backup again.then tried games with baby on it.quite some games can’t play smoothly on our family other computers.quite enjoyed them.after lunch, went to slept now.

lauched at once after got up.first tried to install xp but the large disk evade my most boot disk&had to give up. later install vista&prepared frequent warez&backup.ema agree lent me the money to let me alone afford the notebook, the best friend from my Taiwan fiancee.all day busy.ema brought baby join a colleague’s child’s banquet for his college entrance.

{August 28, 2009}   its a bright day, a

its a bright day, a day for my 4th wife, my Taiwan girl. God sees how i enjoy her gift.

most of time in office idle.ema buzzed in twice about situation of notebook price, for the one we chosen changed its price.returned home earlier, just after 1pm, but ema didn’t buy persuade ema to buy again, with my permission my share of support increases to we got it in the afternoon.then busy with customize the os on the notebook, till now backup drivers for reinstall new os.

{August 28, 2009}   dream gathering.

last night also update my 163 web album.this morning dreamed of campus life again, lots of adults playing poker in dorm.missing my girl.then eager to see coming notebook from my Taiwanese fiancee. felt angry with ema who delayed the purchase.

for near 11am when i got up, i stayed at home all day.after migrate recent d/l stuff, esp. games,to legend pc, i also prepared a blog for recent recent photos to google album&flickr via posterous. painful posting via email but i had the full day without urgent agenda. so i got the final result enjoyed new board&puzzle game very much.ema visit computer market& would be a gift from my 4th wife, from Taiwan.

{August 27, 2009}   @zoho contacts impor

@zoho contacts imported from gmail don’t keep group info in zoho, that’s quite disappointing.sending contact auto-complete don’t index according company info also a frustrating.i think gmail’s cc quite OK. hope zoho mail’s send to support full context auto-complete.

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