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for near 11am when i got up, i stayed at home all day.after migrate recent d/l stuff, esp. games,to legend pc, i also prepared a blog for recent recent photos to google album&flickr via posterous. painful posting via email but i had the full day without urgent agenda. so i got the final result enjoyed new board&puzzle game very much.ema visit computer market& would be a gift from my 4th wife, from Taiwan.

{August 27, 2009}   @zoho contacts impor

@zoho contacts imported from gmail don’t keep group info in zoho, that’s quite disappointing.sending contact auto-complete don’t index according company info also a frustrating.i think gmail’s cc quite OK. hope zoho mail’s send to support full context auto-complete.

{August 27, 2009}   life on watching, love brewing.

these days baby played less games on pc, but watching more animation online, and tv show. he asked me to find more games takes the formula of quiz show. i tried but harvest less. 

yesterday baby insisted i watching a piece of animation, in which a robot of a little boy offered him a robot lover, for he had problem to attract real world girl friend. i sensed evils around troubled my baby with abnormal love or passions. i myself also troubled by hard core gays in office.God, my dearest dad, once shown me when i was a collegian what a normal same sex friend looks like, and this time is time for me to show my baby what's genius friendship differs from twist emotion. i told baby what's my view on gay and lesbian, what's love of God, which is the most selfless love and never expels the most pour love between lovers or spouse. ema attended aside but don't prevent my preach, but left earlier. i know its hard for human not to mess up when 2 same sex persons live closely attached, even like dad&son, for men lives to be the only and independent, but i trust God no problem not to blur his only Mightiest and most Sainted when i can do something aside baby son when he needs cares and attendance for his childhood. i trust God no problem that i can live with my baby as long as i need, and when the trinity asks.

its a bright afternoon now. yesterday the 2 gays facing&backing my desk conspired and operated behind me when i reading on my notebook, to hurt my neck. my neck since then painful till last night sleep heels. i again exhausted last night and even this morning i felt too sleepy to leave ema's house. i dozed till 10 pm to get up. the grandma came over and brought baby outside. baby these days more or less infected by evil spying eyes upon abnormal passionate or love, that resulted in my spending more time to heal baby's being stained and divined him again.

its really a nice moment now. i just installed new games got in the morning on our legend pc for baby uses, and updated our google picasa web album with new shots i made recently. dog in China surveillance blocked quite some google's service, like youtube, picasaweb, but they only let domestic access to my picasaweb album problematically, but don't intimidate me to try ways to update my account there. here is the proof.

Ok, my dearest girls, here i will retreat to silence again. my restless craving for u never cease or fade. hold me tighter, baby, not let time wash out our love. hold my love in real and walk toward our ever brighter grand gathering. we had a long time to live together, in one roof and one family.

God bless us. took it sincerely.

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{August 27, 2009}   My neck hurt by the

My neck hurt by the demon in office&painful.this morning sleepy&dozed after let notebook ready to head to office.

{August 27, 2009}   bought baby KFC food

bought baby KFC food. he just woke up when i arrived ema’s home.then accompany him watching animation, which about a boy’s love affair with robots. later tried to download quiz games for baby likes it.

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