benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

Yesterday was lunar lantern day and a indicator of the lapse of Chinese new year’s celebration. a shallow snow descended the night before yesterday. this winter in Qiqihar likely another warm winter and I enjoyed the everlasting sunshine in the past winter. it again let me felt auspicious. but I was busy with preparing a working environment on the newly dispatched legend pc for myself. I reinstalled the os and software in frequent need and backup them. its ram was 128 mb while most of others was 256 mb, but i likely nowhere to find a compensation, after buzzed a shabby guy in the information dep. of the company for help but in vain. I now more or less find balance in my own by acquaintance that I was not a member of them, the staff of QRRS, my long time employer and a state-own enterprise. I was alien here for a long time. I was denied its oa account, I was defied a regular task or moderate salary. I was alien in ccp dominated China.
I dont want to complain here, here I just want to acquaint the last snow in the winter. my baby more and more find games to play on his own. he even smarter than before. i felt no sorry nor lack of anything, but with God, in God’s shine.
bye, i love u, my beloved, my kingdom of freedom.
As the afternoon past, the snow still snowing and even stronger.

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{February 15, 2008}   bright days, warm early spring.

these days dawn enlightened the sky earlier,let me peer the brilliant face of the sun on my way to office,and let me see clear the pale sunset on the way home after working day.
these days i found lots of fun on my cellphone for i found it can browse wap pages.i previously thought it would be long and troublesome process to register wireless data service for my cellphone but the service available to me automatically.and i previously thought wap pages likely only ugly text,but as an astonish, i found wap pages full of colors with pictures.i then busy with adding my frequent websites to bookmark on my cellphone.but what’s disappointed me was with quite some sites i can’t kept logon.each time i submit my logon information it again returned a login page,likely my cellphone didn’t allow a cookie or live session.and more disappointed, the wireless data charges too high a burden for me:in two days with occasional test i was charged almost 7 rmb,a most percent of my telecom budget.i love internet,and computing everywhere,but in China i just had to wait for the day common people benefited.

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{February 6, 2008}   last eve of the lunar new year

its not a bad year after all.i felt contented with what i had and what i’ll to have.tonight was the last evening according to lunar baby and his mother spent the night with his grandma at the grandma’s home.i stay alone at home.the sensational cctv new year party,almost a new custom after the invention of tv, was to launch and i prepared for it,for its sometimes quite informative about the political and social message.last night i first tried qq,a Chinese mainstream im service,after my kid brother suggested to me even i refused it for many years, and talked with video live with my mother and other family member at my hometown,and with my kid brother who lived in south China.its really a nice experience, cozily at fingertip u can watch the world at another old mother like in a shock to see my family movie on the screen,with the help of one of my nephews.
my pc reboot irregularly and now i picked the autosave by google email.i love my life so far and don’t want anyone ruined it.i live with hope, hope a free world with prosperous.i will try my best to see the beautiful face of the day.
bye,all my friends and my heartthrob. i love u and continued love u.
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these days haunted like a criminal.the China Internet cop worked even harder to worsen my surfing experience.speedy downloading previously worked well in early morning now broke into crawling speed,in addition frequent programs quits and system reboot or hang in the mid.then in free time in evenings surfing can be a waste of time:one or 2 hours cost just finishing a simple web manipulation,broken pages were common scenes, submission led to failure,just let ur password in the submission leaked into stealth.the China watch dog must monitored my computer screen real time, for quite some occasions it just broke my traffic after i included my personal information into web submission, or acted a major changes to my web presence.they showy let me know they shot the point behind the scene.

last night we bathed our baby,as i suggested.i was lagged by the pc which downloading games for awhile and let ema baby again refused my bathing him.but when he refused his mother washing his head with shampoo on it,i forcibly bowled water and spilt on his head and let him in a panic for water covered his face and smoothened him.he was more or less spoiled by his mother,who always treated him with feminism fussy over cares.after bath i busy with pc again and let ema even angrier with me.on bed she pretended sleeping,and i talked and played with baby for some time,till she burst and told me she will carry our baby celebrating lunar new year in her mother’s home and asked me to care myself in the holiday.i didn’t comment,for its a real sore for i had not a home so far.i m homeless even i shelter myself under my baby’s home.

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