benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{August 25, 2009}   claimed warren 2 google sites.

baby watched animation online after dinner. then i claimed 2 google sites for warren to make full use of his new avatar.also read some time in the beginning.

continued to setup autopost to vimeo within family posterous after got office designed an avatar with IIDChina logo and recent photo, with the powerful sketcher software. dozed afternoon first, then update my facebook accounts with new avatar&fine tuned profiles there, enhence autoposting within posterous.continued update sites, esp. picasaweb album with new avatars.

{August 25, 2009}   lots of vivid dreams.

dreamed of Meixianfa, mother’s niece’s husband, told him my frustration without pc,without people’s cares, all result in my mental collapse.then dream of dorm in Nankai univ, where we dispatched something, against Chenxinjina&Yangjing(or the tall fat boy of my roommate next time i studied in Nankai, both fathers worked in college)’s hostile, i succeeded settle my share.

et cetera