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{January 16, 2009}   re-polish my profile at
these days mostly i searched for resource for download, mainly games
for baby, warren zhu, or posting photos shot with my favorite first
camera. feeds in my google reader awaiting to mark out accelerated
some. this morning i received a message from a Chinese portal,, to inform me a pal there followed me. the avatar of the
user is a bright beautiful girl, so i was attracted and immediately
re-polish my profile there, even i had received several message from
the site to urge me to resume my update on the portal some time ago.
the task cost me a full morning, for speed connecting the portal very
lagging, likely under China surveillance. i managed to be patient, and
finished now building 2 public web albums on it, and embody my
profile/avatar. now i need a blog to open my home, , there.
these days i really enjoy my first camera, after reading carefully its
manual, i now can feel confident that i m able to make full usage of
its all features. i really glad to see its powerful. i hope sooner the
icy road turns to less slippery, then i will brought it with me all
time to shot what i like.
these night we all slept lately, for baby attracted a lot by games i
got from web. with my new and first notebook i also fond to linger on
it later, which brought baby’s mother, ema’s lots of complains. i
surely live with joys and day by day see the light at the end of the
tunnel of obscure.
its a bright sunny day outside of the window. i always felt the joyful
atmosphere of lunar new year. ema asked why i need the holiday, now
that i m old enough and earn so poor. she don’t know i own. i own the
land and kingdom from my ancestor, i own the earth.
ok, that’s my first blog here on, second site beside
i likely will keep building with. i don’t need it be perfect, but i
can be known the level Chinese portal can achieve.
attached a photo of my first camera&notebook. they need me to remember them.

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