benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{January 7, 2009}   a day of bliss and gifts.
last night i again slept alone in bedroom while ema insisted to bring
baby slept in the room future for baby and where the pc sits. this
morning i dozed in office till 11 am, no reason for why i as so
sleepy. the snow, likely the 6th in Qiqihar, northeastern China,
started since the dawn, and now covered the ground throughly. after
returning the office, i got a biggest ever bonus from my long time
employer, of ï¿¥6000, i at once informed ema, who just in her classroom
monitoring a exam. then the guy on the facing desk entered and
demanded my opinion about the bonus, and suggested i returned hometown
with it, after i telling him i will do some most wanted buyings.
that’s all so nice, Dad, God, u see, how i can be the most catered and
mosted beloved son of u. God, i in need of ur attending ever more
eagerer to see my fate to slide into meeting with my beloved girls.

now i will launched to search for my gadgets i will buy with the bonus
u offered. God, u don’t know how i longing for change, while pitiful
for the miserable persons i lived with so long, like ema. i can’t live
without my girls i appeal and preach so lengthy here on the web. i
know u got the answer which can’t not be the best of the world of
yes, its a nice day, so auspicious, as i frequently sensed. i love
white, i love bright. i love especially my dynasty, BRIGHT, or 明 in
Chinese, in the title of light of God.
ok, bye. now i need some time to prepare my shopping list, which never so long.

the photo shot with my shabby cellphone, hopefully will be the last
sight in unclear. the place just outside of dorms of QRRS, my long
time employer of superficial.

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