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hello, 2009!
today is the first day of 2009, and a big brightly sunny day, adjoined with
last bright sunny day of Dec 31,2008. last night baby played game ‘strike
ball 3′ i just got from p2p networks all night and lots of funs, and today
they gathered in his mother’s relative’s home to lunch. all things went
bright, except this morning i again felt the pain of lacking a camera of my
own. that’s a long time wish list of mine, i like shotting and blogging, but
i don’t equipped with a considerable satisfying camera for my work. i also
want a smartphone, with which i can browse websites for mobiles, and check
my email and adding new apps from download. but that seemingly too early for
people within China like me, where iphone and G1 with google’s mobile os
likely both under negotiation with China telecoms to settle deal, to comply
with China surveillance as well as the telecom’s monopoly. but this day. or
this beginning of the year, i especially felt sad, for years i can’t afford
to buy anything to celebrating the holiday. i still live in the standard
just fitting for food, i can’t afford to travel, to electric gadgets, to
house, to budget a plan to improve my skill. i live and only living for
hope, in the wanting. i was constrained for years here this pitfall, and
likely had to wait to see my best beloved to gather around me to make fun,
to make love, to make living and lives. God let me endure so long, i hope i
can also entertain myself with gadgets, like camera, pmp, or game socks, or
larger lcds, or even a notebook or netbook.
oh, yes, i still in seat and belt. i live for reclaiming my kingdom of my
ancestor in glory, and i see closer and closer the horizon. i do need ur
highlight attention, God.

ps: attached is photo shot yesterday with my poor cellphone camera, and
today’s sunny scene outside of ema’s house with her also outdated camera.

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