benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

update my albums on hexun&chinamobile’s community. managed my family brand through search engines. it rains now outside. hope baby’s growth shiny&harmony. left office till 6pm after d/l finished. sorted stuff from web&backup. baby’s heat deceased but still weak, just gamed awhile with me on notebook while i enjoy the shooting game very much. slept earlier. this morning is sunny. baby watching animation.

{July 16, 2010}   drizzled at noon.

read in the morning. it turns dark&drizzled at noon. i enjoy fast food in office as usual. claimed company profile, with linkedin. glad to see weekend tomorrow, even baby’s mom, emakingir urged me to leave her house several times recently. i also hardly bear her stupidity, esp that on baby’s custody.

{July 15, 2010}   read most day.

read most feeds awaiting. dozed awhile in beginning of afternoon while d/l. commented a lot. collected some new science blogs’ feeds. watched outside in rush time of QRRS but no clue where is my girl zhou once appeared as a QRRSer. praying for change sooner in China, as well as in my life, Royal of China.

last night left office near 6pm. gamed with baby on pc in night. ema brought baby showered, but she did firt while let play aside. this morning baby release a plenty urine. baby was sent to kindergarten. i was sleeping when ema brought her kids students returned. on way to office, felt the screaming sins in ema’s heart. no matter how i treat her generously, she reckon a way to profit and profane. hatred ate my heart when i review baby and my situation. but after all, faith in God saves and improves we both intouchable above the sinful family of baby’s mom’s. sorted stuff first in office. browser, chrome, works faultlessly.

{July 14, 2010}   tried to fix 2 windows.

since morning prepared clean os on a female colleague’s pc, then my own notebook. China surveillance likely close watching&result in quite some abnormal behaviors amid fixing. hope time cost heals. my chrome at least less crash now. God sees.

last night notebook infected by a game hacked by Russian, restored&updated routine warez cost all night. this morning continued update av&browser at home. help a colleague fix her ill pc in office after check recent postings. China surveillance reins harsher upon Internet, my 139 account locked out, and QQ account stepping into the same pitfall by warning me now posts on it reported improper.

{July 13, 2010}   busy day with posting&reading.

reposted home videos after failure yesterday, posted latest blog with these videosto family blogs. posted logo v2 of to its site. read, do as tipped by articles. updated family google profiles, picasa titles, adding html signature to family gmails which just support the feature. adding 3 personal google maps from family River Nen tour. .

dreamed of touching love with baby. his mom attempted to dispare us, and accused of my mental disorder history. walked through a neighbor factory with seemingly another man, baby son or other person let me unease, where workers gathered discussing my situation. passed their rest room&woke up before leaving the room.

got up earlier, lauched soon newly claimed domain,’s site content on registrar’s free host, as well as Google apps for it. remapping url for blog,www, etc. roughly clone family 1st domain,’s content to the new site. claimed groups with vodpod with family most namespaces. backup bookmarks&settings for portable. quite fruitful this morning, which is sunny.

{June 29, 2010}   a rich dinner&video chat.

haunted outside before dinner. again walked alone the road connecting the village. i really missing baby son&hope he visit here next month, God, u know. drank at dinner, among neighbor’s female watching. it drizzled then. watched awhile TV, then chatted with baby&his mom online. i sure will see their journey in end of July to dad’s hometown.

et cetera