benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{July 23, 2010}   check my brand online.

read&d/l all day. the facing demons tentatively shown gay’s tendency, one of them left lately. google my id&researched why my name appears in a joke site,, but can’t find who input my name there with a praying heart. China surveillance also frequently blocked my googling amid. God, bring my girls to me sooner!

{July 23, 2010}   check family google sites.

assess family assets, esp. that with google, like sites&blogspot. some broken linkages need actions but hold on. baby’s mom, emakingir, let me query departmental clerk for reimbursement accord to corporate policy, i was told the clerk glad to let baby’s grandma to fetch it like she previously did. hopeful i can do some replacement of worn shoes or clothing with the money. i promised ema buying her a electronic motorcycle.

{July 23, 2010}   dreamed in love.

dreamed with my beloved girl, &brothers or pals, in a tour. we tried to attach fireworks onto balls in motion. a bit sleepy after got up. lingered&breakfast then join office, where the porter shown hostile yesterday when i arrived a bot earlier. its a quite bright morning.

{July 23, 2010}   amend finance records.

read all day. dozed twice. d/l delayed me&left office near 6pm. dinner again not so satisfying. bought&ate watermelon after roamed outside. met the only Hubeier in QRRS near dorm’s door. he talking on his cell, so i just evade him&enter my room. the first day i returned to dorm he called in for lean. during jog my shoes wrecked. buzzed baby’s mom about the effect&surplus after i verified personal finance log on

{July 22, 2010}   a bit sultry morning.

got up early to urinate as usual. visited office near 6:30am, didn’t breakfast to avoid dirt in canteen. attending d/l then dozed awhile in sultry. now reading.

d/l delayed me near an hour. the canteen again used bad food&hurt my teeth. rested on bench then haunted outside. drizzled some minutes when i passed by the place i met the QRRS high rank yesterday. bought sausage&ate in dorms open space. buzzed baby who unhappy with his mom&expressed my love. washed shirt manually for the dorms’ laundry bankrupted. in music&felt fit.

{July 21, 2010}   read most day while d/l.

a busy day digesting news feeds. i felt so glad to see the dawn&online in the beginning of the day. listening online radio, which starts with a Japanese song, at noon break. the wrested soul in facing desk at once interfered like a barking dog for lower volume. all afternoon enjoyed reading even among bites from the devil. God, im thankful for the day&what i done in it.

read while d/l. dined almost on time. rest on the bench again. quite some dubious persons lingered around. the thunderstorm let many streets, including some in QRRS dorm covered with water. haunted outside then roamed in the open space of QRRS dorm. a cop surveillance me when i watched a collective dance. buzzed baby&slept before 10pm.

got up to make water among sound sleep. dreamed of my auguration as Emperor of China. but my beloved girls seemingly didn’t appear, but my sisters and some of my relatives join the ceremony. breakfast with porridge and duns. last night in jog met the high rank in QRRS, a Zhou, who also jogging with his wife. that reminds me life’s passing and years biting&beating most people witness my growth, glory of God’s way. its a sunny morning now.

{July 20, 2010}   claimed zhuson with facebook.

lately claimed zhuson account with facebook, after many failure of bypassing China surveillance’s blocking. sorted portable in dorm after dinner in canteen, where the atmosphere is friendly. haunted outside the dorm area, in aim to meet my girl zhou, shot some photos for a drum team performing there. their efforts rewarding, &effects inpiringly uniformal. rest on the bench in garden as usual. some young graduate QRRSer already there playing soccor. left till a gay from the same dorm of mine lingered nearby. checked my posts via cellphone in dorm, then buzzed baby son to assure the gift from God, via hid dad, more and more meaningful. slept early, around 9:30pm.

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