benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{October 16, 2020}   dream of my passed parents.

yesterday I managed to equip myself another heating blanket after found first one failed to save my wet bedcloth. dorm canteen & my 2nd elder sister helps. in the night I a bit hard to sleep for the great new gear of Japanese brand but finally slept & felt considerably warm & dry in dawn. in dawn dream, I was passing QRRS, the SWE i employed me for more than 2 decades, & passing crowd to my dorm, but it turns out my hometown home, my parents’ house, where my dad received me & told me my mom just passed by. in fact, my dad passed before my mom. when I tried to preceive what a emotion upon my lose of my mom, I abrupt informed my mom & dad’s memory pack categoried under ding & dang title, say /system/ding, or etc. the dream chased me to blog, so my rest of sleep ruined even I loathed to get up. dear God, last night my son & i enjoyed peace. he seemingly glad I ordered him Mcdonald deliver which was a bit late for I not sure if It blessful during my hard financial time. dear God dad, in this sunny morning, I left no regret upon my life. my site under attack again, likely PRC
surveillance blacklist my server ip & let it inaccessible. dear God, lessen my anxious upon it, let my new family more sensible.

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