benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{November 15, 2010}   days still bright, through darkness in office.

last week a battle between the monitor in office and me almost led to violence. the demon insisted to close door when he be seat, while i insisted to let the office open. each time i left the office i let the door open, while the dog anytime recently did the contrast to show his animosity. the door was kicked&smashed quite some times by the dog with his foot, who felt he had an advantage in office. the floor, the once workplace of mine, long time turns a tomb in my view. none lives in it in light, but dark and wet chill, for God let it sink since the evil era since i left campus.
last weekends sees lots of gaming among my family at baby’s mom’s house. on Saturday baby seemingly felt a bit less attracted by pc games on the notebook, i also felt exhausted&can’t live up as usual next day, barely got up around 9am to resume energetic mood for the new gathering with baby son, warrenzh, owner of, Hope of China. Sunday we gained again interest in pc games. we played lately till his mom urged us to leave, for she want to bring baby to haunt bookstore for comic books. i carried baby onto their way, against his mom’s complains that baby lacks walking on his own feet when each time we were together i usually carry him on shoulders. returned to bus stop whose hosting place near QRRS, my once employer&my current lodge, i endured chill among some others waiting for the bus which most cases too overloaded like fish tins. the driver of 3rd bus i avoided refused to open door while temporarily ported, just to show its sinful despise to its customers. the hell enterprises as well as human in organizations on nowadays China mainland mostly poisonous like the driver, so silly&irresponsible for their vocations, for in China mainland, human individual is the most weak prey of the dog machine system, whose only belief is prey human.
Its a bright morning now, when my hope for new timespace is high. the facing gay buzzed a lot for his friend who committed drunk&licenseless&killing an innocent passenger in his 31’s with a borrowed car on road outside of the province. the shit never cared about the life lost, but way to evade law’s judgement. God, the shit land of China nowadays the cave of dirty beasts, only fire baptism can clean its sins. God, ur killing never miss, let it sharp time executes, that’s my prayer for this new work week. God, save my Empire of China under ur holy shines, save my Royal of China intact in the sins sinking around us. death to death, rerise to holy. 


great bliss.^yesterday conjoint today is a great bliss for me. i saw breathtaking game titles reachable. in office i settled family web presence’s backup online, claimed our accounts with a new Chinese site, also read a lot. the facing gay stayed in office lately, attempting bail out some dirty water from its last defeat 2 days ago. i waited in office near 7pm, enjoyed moment alone with coming message from the cyberland overseas. the night peaceful, except some seconds anxious about baby’s mom’s possible sins. this morning woke up at 6am, join office to strike a comment for the undisclosed disappearing law suite against the ruling cadres group, a killing dog machine on the dirty land of China which turns more and more brutal&insatiable. its pale now, God, save my work online. bring my new family with my girls.
Posted from benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

benzrad’s comment on the day.

China nowadays accelerated to sink into dark extinction. the authority begged by all means for cadres’ gangster to make sins in light of day time terror. the authority, mainly offspring of betrayer&gangster&winner among CCP’s hijack of state power in the ruin of republic of China. they now shamelessly steal state power to grind&grill common Chinese as their prey. they buy overt murdering&life, they shame God’s solely being creator of lives. they live mad&ruthless for death-match, falsely attempting to break out their cursed fate of annihilation.

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