benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

bright day.^yesterday is a day of triumph. gays in office heavily profaned. the facing evil half drunk, buzzed quite some of his buddies, arranging his new business tour the company offers together. i posted a blog to include recent tweets, hunting for games downloadable, which delayed me later than 6pm in office. the facing sin stayed to challenge me quite some time after work time over, but God shown me all enemies of my new Empire of China scattering, like the gay did last night: he left abrupt before i satisfied by gaining from web&joined a rich dinner in canteen near 7pm. on way roaming outside routinely, met the high rank in QRRS, a Zhou, told him the rumor of his retirement, express my gratefulness for his righteous arrangement upon my dispute with the company in those years. baby in phone encouraged me with laughs, so nice a day!

this morning in office, i continued importing my wordpress archives into my 163 blogs, a new feature it just promotes for incorporating msn’s dying blog system. when it suggested a discount of its online printing of album, i tried first time to subscribe album printing&paid online. our family album costs me ¥32.5. really cozy! hope baby&his mom surprise by the newest gift from me.LOL!! God, sells season is near, grant me to glorify Son’s presence on the earth with shiny presents! God, let me do it.

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