benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

a night harbored near baby son.^yesterday i won a lot from web, as God grants. in office work time, clear most unread feeds. left office soon after work over, buzzed baby for i felt touching love&mercy on him in the dusk, found his mom stayed in her school while the grandma there attending him. decided at once to go over to accompany him. he was watching TV with his grandma when i arrived, his mom brought away the game notebook, the legend desktop yet power on. so i turned on the desktop&trying to show him newest games’ trailer video. but his mom soon returned. after dinner we joined our pastime games, succeeded some missions, partially aided by online guide. his mom urged me to leave after some gaming, but later allowed me to sleep on baby’s bed, while the grandma slept with her&baby son in bedroom. the night so happy till baby felt sleepy, for he stayed 2 days at once for cold, &didn’t nap in the day. i busy with trying new games&theme packs on the Acer notebook, after 10pm. in night i guarded in dream for my family. got up early but don’t felt exhausted. exchanged morning bliss with baby son, who got up lately near breakfast, join office when it outside still like a frozen weather. i hope i see sunshine later today, for time spent with baby son so meaningful. God, bring me my new family with my girls. save my mother in hometown who said dying illy.

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