benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{August 31, 2010}   drifting life perishable.
in the afternoon, the gay on facing desk challenged me to a historical height. i just let it go&busy with my reading as God rules. its like its last day in office in a short period for its said to start its paid vacation, about 3 weeks. baby's mom, God lets me see clearer again her sin, complained my deficit&refused again to loan me to buy a new udisk to replace my wrecked one. she never risk to loan me more than 500rmb, even i bought the family a new acer notebook of 4600rmb&let her using it now. i also offered her 1900rmb to buy a e-bike but she lost it as i covered in previous blog. i treat her with baby countless dining out, wash out thousand bad debt in my financial book for exempt of what she claimed missing expense under my title. all these done with my salary of ¥1100/month for 7 years, or start from 3 month ago ¥1600/month, while she enjoy 2500rmb/month, and other gray income as a common phenomenon in nowadays China. but never she trust me more than 500rmb. she busy with tutoring every day at cost of her due housewife duty but never report her earnings nor spent a coin from it for family expense. God, never allows me to review if my mercy on her enough, she just don't deserve. let she contented with her money&burning brain for increase it, but just on the day of my glory, Son's fortune to cover&stem out solely my baby son, God of Universe, Hope of China, to the most ready&blessed young man in Royal of Holy. God, never on the earth there is a creature can stand a split of second between baby son&me, the trinity; never the shine of Holy can a human resist with bare eyes or blunt mind. God, dad, Masheng, this is my prayer, my will to shine the land belongs to me, people under my feet.
now its a bright morning. i was so enchanted by the sunrise that i shoot more photos for the moment. the sin on facing desk still lingering in office. last night later than 9:30pm i buzzed baby son, told him no matter his dad in or not in the world, he belongs to God&in the summon of God. no one in the universe can beat his dad, and the Son, his dad, forever accompany him, God. baby son apprehend it without a pause to let me don't bother with perished situation any more.

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