benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{July 15, 2010}   read most day.

read most feeds awaiting. dozed awhile in beginning of afternoon while d/l. commented a lot. collected some new science blogs’ feeds. watched outside in rush time of QRRS but no clue where is my girl zhou once appeared as a QRRSer. praying for change sooner in China, as well as in my life, Royal of China.

last night left office near 6pm. gamed with baby on pc in night. ema brought baby showered, but she did firt while let play aside. this morning baby release a plenty urine. baby was sent to kindergarten. i was sleeping when ema brought her kids students returned. on way to office, felt the screaming sins in ema’s heart. no matter how i treat her generously, she reckon a way to profit and profane. hatred ate my heart when i review baby and my situation. but after all, faith in God saves and improves we both intouchable above the sinful family of baby’s mom’s. sorted stuff first in office. browser, chrome, works faultlessly.

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