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it all reminds me those pitfalls when i guarding baby's growth. its hosted on a shabby blog portal and no way to seek the original raw byte of photos, so backup here from online's copy.

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{June 26, 2010}   autopost between twitter&meme.

last night went to bed after 10:30pm, but got up usually for caring d/l. the first doctor in Zhudajiu broke in for a talk. i introduced my recent album shot in the village, the guy peeked into my captions of those photo&cling on why i described a folk in a photo as sinful. i rebuffed him but the fault-finding felt in a advantage. setup autopost between twitter&yahoo meme via, quite helpful serivce against China blacklisting meme for more than a year. also tried new yahoo music radio extension to listen radio online within my chrome. its cloudy now.

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