benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

visited village front plaza after dinner, which quite satisfying me, met a villager once worked in the county city&treated me in his company’s canteen. talked quite some topics. then haunted the front fish pond. returned&met mother half way, chatted with her friend, an almost blind woman whose husband once worked with my dad for the community in Mao’s era. watched TV about snake at home, sensed the evil around. in the night check family knols, refined my plaxo profile. the neighbor, who building their new house, hosted noise villager drank there all time when i done.

{May 24, 2010}   enjoy summer day now.

read most time. neighbors’ babble lets me doze, but hostile in the last woke me up. chatted with Taiwanese friend online. its second hot sunny day since rains. life in countryside brings me lots of time in still, when i can see God clearer.

{May 24, 2010}   sunny morning.

dreamed of fearfully managing to setup a business. dozed awhile after breakfast in the shallow of sunshine aside my workspace. read since then, in my local music.

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