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last night i likely hailed.^its almost a sandstorm when i left office around 7pm. wind wolfing when i enjoy music in dorm. soon it rain and snow, and stopped near 11pm. snow melt soon on the web ground in the night with nuked eyes, while snow heap on rim of window kept when i observed before sleep. this morning it turns bright sunny, but ground backing sunshine still covered by slippery ice balls, which almost let me lost balance when i walked to office. God, let me have a reason to visit my baby son, whose mom trying to evade me for my poor finance. i saw ur love last night in wind&rain, thx u Holy Spirit!

below benzrad, my web comments in last 2 days:

Benzrad Zhu Re: @benzillar thx for goodness in ur wish. but China mainland will dies with its dictation from ash of war-fire to rebirth, in my view. the current totalitarian is a theft since his college, and never saves to utilize state power force against people, just for he knows the power don’t belong to him and won’t in his hand long. cheap souls always shameless and brutal.

Benzrad Zhu Re: @benzillar thx, but it in fact in stake. God shows me lots of gifts, but i still don’t sure if i will win love of my girl, who still evading me and in anonymous.

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