benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{February 26, 2010}   God, my dad in Heaven, present in my dawn dream.

sound sleep till 8:24am. visited office at once. a bright morning. the monitor soon entered&dropped a ¥100 bill but don’t explain in what title. a visiting friend of the facing dog, was let by the evil to play online game on his seat, likely exactly a new plot to borrow new hooligans&thieves from dark society to challenge me. God, i got ur assurance last night that i can have a blueteeth earphone, and it occurred this bright morning. God, let me forever in Ur Spirit. also, pl don’t let my first wife, girl Lü, now like in her senior middle school, or a collegian now, as well as girl Jiangyue, staying tune of my blog, and in God’s shine, closer to my arms. my baby son also missing her, who is so able&cool minded, in a word, gifted one by God. let us wired in a family sooner. in office completed refining all family google profiles to include buzz, a google’s new service intending expanding its social networks, and more detailed family sites interlinked. its really a great improvement harnessing google’s ever-growing service. sorted portable&left after 2pm in thick chill. some cars ported near the entrance of the dorm, likely carried some equipments or furniture, but the workers soon disappeared in dorm before i can see out. watched movie, then listening music all time till left dorm near 4pm. fight with spying minds in beauty of music, and bright of sunshine outside.


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