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{February 24, 2010}   Masheng’s call.

It turns bright sunshine outside, Masheng reminds me her calling for my calling in her name, in God of Sun. i also recently reminded times our first baby son, my second baby son, calling for birth. Masheng, i never talk to u indirectly, we never seperate a single minutes apart. these days i in obliged of church, and pray in God a lot. but u r my God, my Sun, i never talk to u in thinking or wording. Masheng, join me sooner, as best time u can after settled other matters of our world, world of China , world of Japan, world of the world. i call ur name now, as the bright as ur sunshine&warmth now u grant on the earth as my request yesterday. bring my Royal closer&more pleasure of staying together. bring me my 4th girl in southern China. bring my girl, Jiangyue, that growing confidence in hard fight, in God’s shine.


3rd snow in lunar 2010.^last night left office till 7pm, after tried to video chat with baby&his mom. their video stream strangely don't appear in my browser while they saw my stream&their own working. remote desk also lagging to appear, all reminded me of cops' breaking&showily espionage. dined in a special meal restaurant nearby my office, babbled about their management feature. a young girl and her boyfriend there before my visit, let me rightly smell the wonder of youth. in dorm, surfed via wap on cellphone lately after 10:30pm. China surveillance again blocked some mobile sites with which i can access my blog, which mostly deadly blocked in China, like wordpress, blogspot, posterous, tumblr, etc. this morning got up at 7:03am, washed socks, then head to office. shot some photos on way for the saint moment of snowing. Its likely the 3rd snow in lunar 2010 new year. God, i know u r killing dirt around me, i feel ur bliss on me. thanks for ur gift i felt so bright&holy. God, bring my girl zhou closer to me after all killings from u over dirt. bring me happy of warmth of sunshine after the cleanse. in office posting snow photos with a blog entry most of the morning. at noon buzzed baby's mom, exchanged view on inflation of living cost, ie. fast food, the down dorms' canteen. later cared download, all time in heavy biting. left office after 2pm. the dorm porter informed me to change to a room on 3rd floor, from my current 214 room. moved my stuff soon, then dozed awhile in the new lodge. left dorm on 3:33pm&joined office. the 2 evils in office stayed near 6pm. i dealt routine stuff, left near 7pm. in the restaurant, a family dined there with all seniors&kids. a likely couple of the family arrived later, the female's tall&fit attracted me. in dorm read my posts i prepared via proxy&copied onto my cellphone wirelessly, now that China mobile network had blocked direct access. cracked seeds then soon slept. changing my room likely again a plot of dog: even occupied rooms in dorm 3 total no more than 7 or 9 rooms, but all my 3 neighbor rooms occupied. and the wall again like my first room in dorm 1st back to 2006 when i left my baby's mom's house first time to pursue my new marriage, extreme thin! likely just some paper frame seperate 2 rooms. in the night when i buzzed my baby son, i can sense echo passed through the thin wall and the listening ears all around. God, i don't fear hunting of cheap souls nor desperate gays, but i do fed up with the wild dogs&dirty thieves. ur glory forever untouchable, God, i singing in ur name, singing for new level of endurance in ur bliess!

From our lunar new year of 2010

From our lunar new year of 2010

From our lunar new year of 2010

for google album blocked within China mainland, here some copies hosted domestically:

heavy wagon cleaning snow on main road of QRRS.

fury snowflake in night lamps.

my new room in QRRS dorm 3rd, likely dog's new plot.

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