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{February 23, 2010}   3rd snow in lunar 2010, saint moment.
3rd snow in lunar 2010.^last night left office till 7pm, after tried to video chat with baby&his mom. their video stream strangely don't appear in my browser while they saw my stream&their own working. remote desk also lagging to appear, all reminded me of cops' breaking&showily espionage. dined in a special meal restaurant nearby my office, babbled about their management feature. a young girl and her boyfriend there before my visit, let me rightly smell the wonder of youth. in dorm, surfed via wap on cellphone lately after 10:30pm. China surveillance again blocked some mobile sites with which i can access my blog, which mostly deadly blocked in China, like wordpress, blogspot, posterous, tumblr, etc. this morning got up at 7:03am, washed socks, then head to office. shot some photos on way for the saint moment of snowing. Its likely the 3rd snow in lunar 2010 new year. God, i know u r killing dirt around me, i feel ur bliss on me. thanks for ur gift i felt so bright&holy. God, bring my girl zhou closer to me after all killings from u over dirt. bring me happy of warmth of sunshine after the cleanse.

my girl zhou reappears.^last night at first a bit restlessly, dreamed of killing or death match, till urinated. woke up around 7am&join office in last minute of work time. met the Hubei folk on way. he brought some wine to let taste&i did. in office the 2 dogs biting most of time, and lingered in noon break with fast food. the monitor, a mad dog, referred me when talk with the visiting deputy director as having pills that including hormone&swells on body or face. when my kid brother went online, i also erupt to show my despise&upset upon his cold shoulder&self-poised over my good willed&enthusiastic introduce of google products, as well as digital era's skill. i really felt sick upon my kid brother's behavior. he now not only in sin of betray of brotherhood, cheap in soul, but also dogmatize/dogged his property for bargain, like all impotent bureaucratic in dog dominating China mainland. i saw clear in these years his fell&defeat in his drifting career. i really got upset by his sin appeared in these days between our communications. a lagging download wasted my time till 2pm i returned to dorm to avoid dirt in office in tomb chill. on way near my dorm, a cadre now a judge in subsidiary county after his service in QRRS youth league, as a apparent social ladder crawl pattern in nowadays China for less privileged young men, caught me&talked. i tried to tease his cute daughter&shot photo for them. in dorm, i cracked seeds&spent an hour. poodle another hour, felt God's love in me. visited office after 4:30pm, even i almost know its boring online aimlessly&constrained by isolation from the dog dominating China authority. for example, my qq refused my update my group profile for quite some times, nor allowed my adding friends from same ancestors online. it simply report server unavailable, but shits know what its real reason. i pray God allowing me wasting my time on the web for all my hopes upon my Royal, my girls, my new life, for hope is the weapon i trust best. i pray God sees the reality i building with my mind power he empowers, the reality built with flesh&blood, and nerves.
on way to office near 4:40pm, i saw a tall girl with white short coat, esp. a short boot my girl zhou loves to wear. she accompany a girl pal walked to the opposing direction of mine, but when i look back to her, i felt surer and surer she is my girl zhou. her bag, her pose, remind me my long time no see girl zhou, among so many confusing fake females performed in front of me. God, i saw more and more clues of ur bliss, i know from early moment that my girl zhou forever saint like a dew from mid night Heaven, i know she preparing our wedding ceremony exactly for us, for me as her dreamed bridegroom. God, isn't it that my good times arriving?

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