benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{February 22, 2010}   a harvest day with posting: benzrad’s tweet on Feb 21,2010
got up after 7am for urgency of urine. dozed again till 8:46am. Its snowed last night, with a mild coverage on the ground. shot photos&posted them with a blog entry in most of the morning in office. listened Japanese album at noon, later switched to radio of bilbe. a preach of endurance as God's bliss greatly inspired me, it also reminds me of possible insult from the sinful office i have been temporarily staying to wait for my bright future, in God's blessing. sorted stuff&chatted with baby's mom, emakingir, who lately went online, dealing with her homeworks upon coming new term, while baby said sleeping, lately around 3pm. when the chill turns thick from the 2 evils, i prepared to leave, but attracted by a wiki on origin of some Chinese family name. i searched my family name, linked to a site, with information on it, i tried to join  its qq group, as well as the site admin personal contact. dined in nearby restaurant with pies&soup, watched a born abnormally short man won love of a tall beautiful girl. felt more bliss from heaven upon my marriage with my girl zhou. a grey man i refered in previous blog entry also join the restaurant, i waited till QRRSers flocked to leave the factory, in the aim to meet up my girl zhou. when i approached the cross road, a magpies' croak lets me see a tall girl in white boot on the other side of the cross road. in the satisfaction of the dinner, i visited the local church. an old woman picking rubbish on the way, i offered her ¥10 but she refuted it. so i donated it to the church before i returned to dorm. buzzed baby son to celebrate the bliss of my girl zhou&my new life. baby son told me not to interrupt his watching TV, such a wise mind he has. then buzzed kid brother in hometown again, but he was said by my nephew haunting Internet cafe. so i settled to crack sunflowers' seeds, brought back from last visit to emakingir's house, to kill time. its mostly a bright day, but sunshine turned weak in late afternoon. God, let me reach out to more audience in the cozy of Internet, with which i enjoyed so much and believing more splendid/fundamental influence brings by into smooth&expedient reality. God, let me see my words, my message of coming new Ming Dynasty in my title preceding&seeding in ur shine, in ur guidance. God, let the world of ur's more beautiful and meaningful in proper and grace. God, let me have my girls' arms&waists sooner, for i m ready for the new life ahead. God, blesses me in Holy, in ur Son.
roamed outside again after 7pm, met the only Hubei migrant works in QRRS, i refered as a grey man in previous post, who just returned from his hometown journey. talked about hometown delicacy&my life. told him online resource for his dirty taste. God, isn't it a deed of ur's? isn't the evil continues to probe their problem upon me? isn't ur miracle to put faith&assurance in my followers?
buzzed kid brother&taught him a lesson on google's wonderful serivce in 8 minutes after returned dorm. he reportedly trying claiming google account. God, pl let it different from last grey day, let it a budding day with golden harvest! God, u sees our wonderful family life in my Royal, forever! God, in the fresh air i smell my girl zhou's lust for me, brings us together now.

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