benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{February 20, 2010}   first snow in lunar 2010: benzrad’s tweet on Feb 19,2010
last night buzzed kid brother to suggest him claiming his family google accounts. roamed outside near 6pm. visited office soon after got up. fine tuned family blogger blogs' posting format&layout, trying fix the problem that long posts broke sidebar's display. bathed in the sunshine near window for some time. then posted recent blog to my startup,'s sites log. later listening radio of bible, &sorted stuff newly got from web. refined baby's mom, emakingir's qq profile with her consent. the monitor visited office just before i prepared to leave. dined the 3rd time in a retaurant on way to dorm with dumplings. cracked sunflower seeds, from baby's mom, emakingir's, in dorm to kill time, till 6:30pm. reviewed my love with my girl zhou, doubting where has our love proceeded. rest some time on bed, haunted outside at 7pm. bought food on back way&ate my second meal today. praying God new work week brings more pleasure of sight on my girl zhou. surfed on cellphone till 10pm.

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