benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

sorted google browser, chrome, and its extensions by disabled some less useful, trying to fix its large ram comsuming. claimed family namespace, warozhu, with google groups after done it with plaxo groups yesterday. the monitor, a hard core gay&esp. cheap in essential&criminal in mindset, espionaged me closer these days, left lately at noon and returned early around 12:30pm when i listening a Japanese album from google China music portal as usual. the neighbor dogs, ie, the evil once colleagues&dying for its own sin&aimlessness after it was seperated from harm me any more after departmental restructure, including previous departmental director in family name Huang, his driver, a gay in family name Wang&local hooligan’s friend, via who the Huang attempted to pay to hurt me, soon gathered in their office which tentatively arranged surrounding my office, &complained my music noisy, the monitor demanded lower the volumn, but i just ignored it. then the shits bumped to close my notebook. i pushed on his chest when he return to me while i watching outside the window, the 2 gays in office both encharged and prepared to fist. the facing evil unplugged the power line. i ignored the rest babbles while trying to resume my computer, till found the power down by the facing dog. they all r dead, and thirsty for death match, like ghost entangling the live. the all things just a plot attempting to trap me and humilate me in violence, with which they want to disable me once and forever. God sees, i never kill men with my own knife, they just don’t deserve.

left office after 2:30pm. reviewed my situation in dorm. heart weighten for my missing girl zhou. dined after 4:30pm, then went to the cross way to greet my girl. i didn’t wait as long as usual, for i don’t put insurance on my girl’s presence after knowing my waiting from the spying environment all around. when i on way to dorm, i saw a girl in long white coat and white boots holding a middle aged woman just disappearing crossing the gate of the residential area my girl’s house locates. i’m sure that’s my girl, my girl zhou who arranged to assure me our love. bought food before returned dorm. in dorm, in high mood of blessing&buzzed baby son. dined again in the restaurant near the cross road after roamed some time indoor. God, today really a bright day!

{February 5, 2010}   a blessed day complished.

last night decided less time lingering in office in coming period to avoid dirts in the office, esp noon break. got up&went to office just in the end of QRRS rush time. waited awhile then launched task set last afternoon, to claim family namespace with a new service from, whose service i tested but don’t fully harness. the other evils in office busy there with shotting footage from some woman crafts from QRRSers for program of the enterprise cable TV. since then till near 4pm i settled all family namespaces’ opening in the server domain space,, roughly 20 or 30 sites under my family title. its a kind of web noting&bookmarking&blogging service, with feature captures any page or elements within a web page and autopost to main stream blog or bookmark portals. i was attracted by it at once when i got its news last afternoon. in the process also claimed family namespace, IIDChina, warozhu, with facebook public brand page and group. it really a full work load day. near 4:40pm, i left office, dined in canteen on way, then went to greet my girl zhou directly. this time i picked the countering lane of the entrance of the residentail area my girl yesterday appeared. but again my girl zhou evaded me. its a warm early spring dusk, the lunar calendar of my google calendar reminds me its lunar spring start day, 立春 today. all people on the street likely in mood of happy lunar Spring festival, which just several days to celebrate, while i praying my new life with my girl zhou, my 3rd wife, descends earlier. longing for her body, her body perfume, her perfect figure and ideas, her way of handling routine life, driving me crazy. God sees how narrow the distance between us.

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