benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{February 2, 2010}   a mere busy day.

last night the newly installed lamp in corridor leaks lots of lights into my room&let me restless awhile, till i got up&turned off it about near 12am. woke up normal around 7:25am, even i felt delayed on bed for some time. in office verified effect of static pages of family profiles added last weekends onto family blogs on blogger&wordpress, posted recent tweets, let download, then launched to correct baby son, warrenzh, the Hope of China, the God of Universe, his linkbook hosted on google docs and zoho office. its a long time nail& filed this afternoon, such a relief! then sorted bookmarks. since then China surveillance blocked my access to google search, docs and’s shorten url service. i tried lots of ways but all failed. later catalog picture assets from web via a asset management software i got from backup on baby’s desktop, &backup a dvd. the facing evil snorted in late afternoon among my heavy load of tasks, i praying God to see how the dog had been vomiting&pervise&abnormal, how evil the enemy of my Empire is&deserves slaughter. its bright in the morning, but gloomy all afternoon. i had to put on my coat in office amid against tomb chill from gays, ie., the dead. left office around 4:30pm&dinned in canteen. crack sunflower seeds in dorm to kill time. my financial book had deficit more than ¥1300, the office dogs babbled about changes in the company’s bonus policy, tried to let me worry about money. God, i see u let me walk through to ever-brighter, the glory none ever seen. roamed outside near 7pm, the chill freezed my ears. bought instant noodles&eggs. read sex educational ebook lately to 10:30pm.

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