benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{January 27, 2010}   insane&ill peers gawked into their problems upon me.

on the way check telcom’s office, attempting to increase my cellphone wap’s bonus pack, after my previous bundle, 10mb/month at 1rmb’s cost turns insufficient after these nights i surfed via wap on bed. but unfortunately my cellphone’s password missing, and i was suggested to go to the telcom’s HQ in central town to handle password changing process. in dorm, enjoyed food&white wine bought last night. dinner was unpleasant, the evil owner of the canteen pretending talking to her contacts and sold me smelly belly meat without my consent. so i dined again in the restaurant near the cross road. leaving the restaurant, i doubting if i should roam alone the main road of QRRS, now that it was rush time of work over. i really eager to see my girl who hidden from me for so many days, but God let me retreat to dorm. surfed in dorm on cell. roamed outside again after 6:30pm, bought some pickles on way in the grocer shop yesterday haunted. baby buzzed in so we had a good time in air, that’s the predecided. my girl zhou, no matter how far u hidden from my searching sight, u r mine. God knows it, and u know it. let me have u, let me pick u. u will see the miracle exactly in my arms. every single cell in my blood, in my flesh, calling for u for family life, for pure joice i crying for u for so many years! u knew, Heaven knows. u had to be my life long wife, my 3rd wife, in my kingdom, in my Royal of China. that’s out of debate.

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