benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{January 14, 2010}   sad dawn wired via QRRS.

the dispisable China authority hacked google’s server farm in Shanghai office&spying their patanted codes, threaten all Chinese google admirers now that google considering postphone their operation in China for evil in China mainland is against their corporate moral. shits! when gone the dirty and really freaky China authority? the numberable darks on the earth, likes shits that humiliate global civilization? yes, its my family’s duty to overturn the dark and evil on the scarry land of China. its me and my family, Royal of China, to overtune the sick and ill mind of China as a periphery of my grand ancestor sice Ming Dynasty. left office on time at 3pm. roamed in dorm talking to my girl zhou, who want me picking her indifference her pose. dined on time at 4pm&went to receive my girl at once. its an early spring, as i was reminded when i jog in front of the QRRS headquarter, where hosts quite some evil eyes, likely including high ranks. there is no respct among the elder on China mainland, the dirty porter brewing any fresh into rotten&foul, except my God, my passed dad, the Founder of coming Ming dynasty lasts 1109 years. when its time for QRRSers leaving for home, a girl in white with similiar figure as my girl zhou attracted my sight for quite some time, let me doubting if my girl changed her coat mid way in afternoon and picked the other way as the alien girl chose. but i waited till the radio of QRRS broadcasting songs, of which the first one is a male singer sings misery of love, after finished news of QRRS, i was touched immediately&prepared missing my girl in the so likes unlucky dusk, but then my girl zhou, tearsbreakingly&weepswipingly beaming appeared, among her male colleagues.


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