benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{January 13, 2010}   first time in my his

first time in my history of 18 years worked in the company, i got work environment online now, likely just for my political views. God, grants me the right to do what i like, with glory in ur title.

in dawn dreamed of baby less happy with my living my new life, a bit part from him. God, never let me live apart from my baby son, God of Universe, lives me with live source from him within me, live us together forever in one. live us the hardest likes diamond in Trinity. got up at 7:33am, after wondered on bed in early wakeup. arrived office around 8am, QRRS’ lan wire already installed, but ip await granting Internet access. visit the director&express obligation. read ebook of Germany philosophist Heidegger while waiting for Internet. got wired to Internet finally aroud 9:45am, now its my works to compliment delayed posts in these days waiting for new working environment in my QRRS office after got assurance from the high rank of QRRS.

{January 13, 2010}   for full of joy, din

for full of joy, dined just after 4pm&went to greet my girl zhou. shot some photos in the open space in front of QRRS. stood firm as let till the ring of work over. my girl closer to me, but an evil gay tried to mud around. so i walked slow in single, picked up till near my office. the evil again tried to laid dirts, so my girl gave up teaming&left to the road toward the city center. i also walked to dorm, after likely my girl zhou noticed my following. God, what a tender heart my proud financee, my girl zhou has, what a blessing my new marriage brings me the most wonderful and beautiful a living soul can be! let me forever thanks for the cares&grants my girl zhou put on me, even before she accept me formally or publicly. reviewed my love in dorm. around 6:30pm, haunted outside again for my girl zhou, who also under my second wife, my Japanese Princese, Masheng, my Sun, my God’s care. – posted on 12/1/2010

last night restlessly. surfed lately on cellphone. stranger haunted in the corridor. broken dreams. fell into sleep lately. woke up near 8am, went to office at once, and finally secured my 2 sim cards with new password after got the default password from the telcom’s booth, which out of service for several times due networks failure. its again a bright day. roamed most time in morning, later talk to department director about my life, shown him family album. later he lets me stay in office in afternoon for crew of the information department of QRRS will install Internet access for me. praying God&sing his glory, sing for my ancestor who so attending my call for a well working environment in transit life. my girl zhou likely stayed in office like me, so i don’t see her in rush crowd of QRRS. read awhile ebook, an biography of an prominant Germany philosophist, while waiting QRRS crews come over to install my Internet access. but they missing, to upset my good will&rent finding. till near 3pm&after the facing evil returned to office, when i left to computer market to buy baby son mouse pad he asked. also bought his mom a keyboard cover she wants. on the bus met a girl with clear eyes. – posted on 12/1/2010

last night went to sleep lately, again tried googling my web id via my cellphon’s wap. this morning woke up just after 7am, with an inner open eyes for gathering with my girl zhou. washed head after got up. it would be another great day, with brilliant sunshine. went to office after 7:30am, check e-bible for last night preach i heard. roamed in office, waiting corporate lan, with which the department dirctor said had applied&in process, wired. greet my girl, who today wears a grey fur-alike coat, and likely in low mood when she returned to QRRS, covers her head with the cap on the coat. the dogs in office closely peeked me, twice when i salute my girl zhou passing by my office. i later doubting sweat or bitter our love is lasting today. God lets me not to suffer but enjoy the delayed deep hog&breath into each other between my girl zhou&me. evil of gays in the offices&around unfold themselves in front of me, God lets me informed. – posted on 11/1/2010

{January 13, 2010}   returned to dorm aft

returned to dorm after 3pm, dozed at once on bed for half of an hour. dined earlier to greet my girl zhou. but she with her colleague evaded me tentatively. after i followed her again, she stopped in the display panels of the QRRS labor union, likely waiting me to chat her. i stood firm, then my girl zhou sheered backward to QRRS, i pray for God, then moved ahead continuingly without companion. my girl zhou picked the other side of the road my first time followed her, we likely both knew we cared each other on the different side of one road leading to the suburb of Qiqihar. in dorm reviewed my love, praying for less pains. then join the nearby Christian church, but on week day they don’t preach, but just God believers’ praying there. but i met the clerk last night preached, chatted with him&another woman cadre about my faith. returned to dorm review my love with my girl zhou, talk with her in heart. roamed outside again in aim to seek my cared lover. admired restaurant lingers on the way, so join one to dine again for warmth of gathering&dinner those group seekers shown, esp common among QRRSers. God, i never lose confidence that u r leading my girl zhou, who is just rightly tender&attending, as much virtue as i admire, to my arms. i never lose confidence that my girl trusts me and loves me. i hope we soon forged into one, one family with one soul like the bible grants. – posted on 11/1/2010

last night buzzed hometown about my departing from baby’s mother’s house, and my new marriage in view. this morning full of mixing desire for new life with my girl zhou let me woke up early, with burning craving for family life. went to office update sites’ sidebar to include family most namespaces as scheduled since 8am to 2:30pm, without break or lunch. all done, and such a relief. treat myself with pies&meat in a restaurant on way to dorm. also posted a blog entry with recent photos to celebrating the new year of 2010, which carries so many wishlist of mine on new life with my girl zhou. Its all time a bright day, even when i busy in office i sheltered the sunshine when it bother my work on my dimmer notebook screen. can’t wait for gathering with my girl zhou in every chance. roamed after dinner, join the nearby Christian church, first time listened a preach&greatly enchanted. reviewed my love in my girl zhou, felt touched&praying God instill brave&glory in us. missing my girl very much.

{January 13, 2010}   full of joy&hope.

last night busy in office sorting family sites in sidebar against China surveillance frequent blocking my logos on different hosts. slept lately after 10pm, for memory of such a great day. dreamed a school girl succeeded in college entrance exam with her firends. dreamed managed a restaurant in US&in China. dreamed of coming love even under cops’ espionage. got up after 8am, and its a blazing bright morning again, with so many lucky fortunes ahead. roamed outside in the aim to meet my girl zhou. sms baby’s mom who in last night’s chat in low not to swing with rumors of me from dogs’. lunched outside with meat&pies. roamed again in bright sunshine, met a girl in her 16 years old or so with brilliant figure. missing my girl zhou very much. sorted family forum hosted on GAE in dorm, correcting titles&links, also in songs of Daolang, a western Chinese singer. some road cleaners, likely employed from suburb residents, made noise just under my window, while i recharged my cellphone. roamed outside after it finished, picked office to check manual to modify cell’s lock key. really missing my girl zhou. -posted on 9/1/2010

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