benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

last night lingered in office surfing till 7pm, to avoid the bully my girl zhou exerts on me. the night on bed restlessly, sexual desire turns strong in dawn, woke up first time before 7am. waited in dorm till 8am. refined sites’ images in office. dog in office turned agile&foamed of babbles, likely espionaged last night my girl zhou refusing me by picked a man’s bike&left before i trying but unable to reach her. the another dog, the monitor, tentatively moved the empty chair to his close territory, trying to ban my using his corporate lan wire on the free desk facing his seat. but after all, its a bright morning&God’s brilliant gift for me just to unveil. sorted recent photos&prepared upload. greeting my girl zhou in her colleagues’ companion. she is just too bright in her white short coat, strides with her long legs. greet her again when she return to QRRS, too perfect to own her as God Holy shines me. felt constrained upon myself yearning for her, for i love her so much&need her in my arms so cravingly and so meanslessly, but after all again, my new marriage with her will commences soon in the beginning of 2010. sorted family sites’ logo&link against China surveillance in afternoon. returned dorm earlier&surfed via wap. met my girl&peek her closer, even her half face hidden in scarf. God i felt her so beautiful, exceeded what i can imaging. in the process following her, i again felt so rich with her. after almost passed my office, she stopped to sort her shoes, so i was forced to depart her not to against her. she again picked the old road i first time follow her, unliked recent straight to pass the cross road. God, with her i really the king of the world, and the happiest man on the earth.

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