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{December 4, 2009}   read all night.

read most of night. watched TV before the evil grandma left. baby son watched Japanese animation all night. ema tutored then watched Korea TV series online.

{December 4, 2009}   saint day.

it snowed last night but stopped in morning. saluted to my girl zhou in rush time of QRRS, but missed her when i haunted baby’s kindergarten to hand in fee, but caught sight of her passing cross. read the ebook on Taiwanese democratic process these years. the monitor monitored me at noon in office, in break of QRRS schedule, while the dog on facing desk relayed to spy&bite in afternoon. when i left it snowing. met cops outside twice. bought baby KFC food.

read since got up. google my brand online&refined it. succeeded verifying process of my orkut which suspended for hacking&abuse from China surveillance, via Taiwanese friend’s help. it did snowing last night, but stopped since morning. nice day!!

{December 4, 2009}   google open dns server

google offer free dns server now. this is setting demo for variable os.

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