benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{December 3, 2009}   read all night.

read awhile after arrived home. watched Korea animation. baby enjoyed KFC food i bought. dined earlier&discuss our next buffet around New Year’s Day. read all night after CCTV news. baby played alone, off pc.

read after got up. sort stuff in office before lunch. saluted to my girl Zhou. Holy message consoles me with the gloomy day light, that my Japanese wife, my Queen in crown, in tender&well in fit. my girl Zhou shows me her special cares, waves a rounder trip near my window to allow my heart&eyes longer on her, in rush time. read democratic process in Taiwan in afternoon&enjoyed. the 3rd snow of 2009 in anticipation.

{December 3, 2009}   dreamed of barrack&herds of bugs.

dreamed visiting barracks twice, to send a message. gays in barracks tried to hide something from me. later saw countless tiny bugs on desk from inner of something after i cracked it. its a warm morning sunshine.

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