benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{October 23, 2009}   gamed.

read. gamed afer dinner with baby on notebook, finished a mission.

lingered at home till ema return from noon break, finished a d/l of fonts pack. lunch at home. sorted bookmarks in office. then visit heat service provider to hand in fee. claimed seesmic accounts after arrived home. these days seeing our web presence expanding&felt amazing.

{October 23, 2009}   read&attend d/l.

read since got up. attending d/l of games, with which i look up. dozed awhile in the mid. found d/l speed soars into 200KB/s! lingered home for a d/l ongoing&can’t broke, otherwise had to repeat from start. clear quite some feeds in greader.

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