benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{July 26, 2009}   after noon brought b

after noon brought baby haunting outside. bought toy in the stool in south with baby. baby glad with me.

{July 26, 2009}   dozed. continued to

dozed. continued to migrate stuff on notebook to online after dinner. accompany baby watching baby English tutorial. ema dozed.

{July 26, 2009}   sleepless night. i s

sleepless night. i saw violence in ema’s mind and her dark taste on it against holy. i saw baby and his cry for mother. i see clearly God in my life.

{July 26, 2009}   sleepy morning. doze

sleepy morning. dozed a lot. them continued to migrate stuff on my notebook to dvds. baby haunted outside with his grandma&now gaming with his cousin.

{July 26, 2009}   last night after stu

last night after students left, we haunted outside. then join dinner with the parents of one student of ema. lots of dishes. i drank some white wine.

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