benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{July 15, 2009}   dealt emails in diff

dealt emails in different accounts, open via digsby.

i will wrote a wiki on family knol about my mother, a distorted soul all time in dark. she persists in dark, and nothing of change of hope can shift her selfish and foolish.after dinner i wonder the girl whose once restaurant near ema’s house, and ganster around my family. God save their poor life superficially prosperous this moment in the eccentric city, led them see who is the gifted, and who doomed to cover with earth properly meaninglessly.

mother this afternoon still shamelessly sat in front of me, even after my review. i had told her not to previously.she is all time betrayal of my dad’s family, of Zhu’s. she also obey dog’s order&distorted but also immersed in violence and fear.

{July 15, 2009}   try voxox&gvoice.

read&try to claim google voice account even outside of US, according to a article.but failed any way. claiming a voxox account.

my mother lean on the long bench towarding me, constantly challenged me.later i evade to watch tv.soon she left,saying go to buy melon.

{July 15, 2009}   dozed a lot in morning.

got up normally but dozed a lot on long bench, with music on.niece went to Wuhan for hate countryside life.its all cloudy.

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