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first time try the proxy pack.finished long time awaiting task of customize birdous blogs on blogger&wp.a nice night.

{July 10, 2009}   read all time.

read in greader all afternoon.niece asked to surf here but refuted.clear most unread.

here sultry noon.but God let me busy with letting birdus emerging as a more meaningful unique design it unique logo.update its sites met problem under China surveillance.

dinner in backyard to ensure our sovereign there.let mother buy ice all night. baby&ema watching tv.

{July 10, 2009}   in dawn dream of xia

in dawn dream of xiaojindong, my campus roommate ,suicide.

last night at first a bit restlessly.this morning dozed a recent photos via posterous.

2 months pass since my returning to my hometown village. quite alien things i got familiar, and quite unclear things disclosed to me.its the long tail of my hometown journey. i more and more longing for my re-unification with my baby son, the God of universe and hope of China, and his mother's house. i miss my beloved, esp. Masheng, Zhou, Lü, Jiangyue, and the Taiwan girl. i dedicate to live with them in honeymoon this 4 month in this scenery countryside, and i did talk a lot with Masheng and Lü. but i more intended to see and live them within a house. i see the day we do.

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