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@htxt my htxt didn’t autopost to my facebook status for a week. what’s wrong? this night i tried to fix it, by deleted facebook autopost and reconnect to facebook, but even my htxt shown in my fb, but my htxt homepage don’t show facebook in autopost list. how should i do to reactivate autopost to my facebook?TIA.

{July 4, 2009}   my htxt these days f

my htxt these days failed to update my facebook status.what’s wrong?

sang for rest.dinner with meat&in a blog entry for bight days.first time use the new/second main picasaweb album,for first one full.

neighbors watch pc game.

neighbors watched pc game.

early full moon and light house.
early full moon in late sunset, and light house.

these days see happier villagers here in my hometown. i also enjoy the crisp air and dry burning sunshine.but not all things went in my favor, like last dusk, the insane nephew, the only son of my eldest brother, occupied the front yard of my past dad's old house and there pretending reading on his cellphone. the neighbor girl, who was refuted by me several times when attempting using my notebook to surf, also join him and giggling a lot. i had to evade the dirt and roam in narrow back yard of my dad's house. the neighbor in back yard was a shabby copycat of my dad, and long time stealing my dad's life teaching and brewing hostile against my old family. so r the conjunction neighbors, all watching my stride there and guessed what i will bent to call to chat. i didn't chat to anybody but found the almost full moon very bright in early night sky. so i took some photos for it. some of them quite satisfying. in the night i again worked till 10:30 pm before went to bed, after some time felt sleepy. 

 recent morning i often felt sleepy, so seldom worked outdoor in the morning. this morning i started to work late after breakfast. but today sees lots of next generations in the village visiting my dad's house. the neighbor boy, a grandson of the evil dark house owner, who had frequent here, and 2 grandsons of my past uncle. they watched and tried games on my notebook.

 its a nice day, esp. mother cooked a jar of meat for dinner. i enjoy it alone, get rid of the insane nephew, in our back yard.i admire the plenty of meat in citizen life. however, i more enjoy the fresh vegetable from this fertile land. 

OK, this the end of my babble this time. i miss u, all my girls, very much. in fact, i m a bit sorry for i longing for u so long a time. God sees our fate and future of Joice in coming years.

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fine tuned family autoposting. prepared home town village a microblog,setup im bot&customize.sorted assets.

{July 4, 2009}   read&bookmark.

read in greader. sorted bookmarks and new feeds from my new youtube accounts.

neighbor boys gamed on notebook.later i tried new games with them.also dozed while them first gaming.

{July 4, 2009}   dream.

dream of likely neighbor wife and her baby son. later sleep. reply zoho crew.surfed now.

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