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{June 22, 2009}   shit China surveillance, failed lots of proxy, i
i tried lots of web proxies. my newly created blogger blog shown me admin
but the blogger management panel don’t give me admin privilege, not allowing
me to invite authors. i don’t’ why why it is, all my old
blogs<>all defying my inviting
authors function after i logon via a web proxy <…oxy_server> and
the only working one. they broke into my web id long time, and i not sure if
they stealth my admin privilege and cheat the site not to allow my admin
privilege while shown me as admin on the page, or just the web proxy
confused’s admin system.
later i resort to freedur, which enjoy good fame among Chinese users under
China <
(China)&t=h> tighten surveillance these days. but i can only access homepage once, after i submit my login detail, my traffic again
fell into mute.i sometimes casually open a blog’s homepage, and shown i
logon for the page shown edit link to allow me open editing widget window,
but thats’ all, any attempts to open the setting page of my blogs
indifferently went lost.

shit the China surveillance. they acted like can’t wait time anymore to
spent out their only time before their total collapse. surely they saw their

however, i got my blogs on for my left baby
they r and . i also
claimed a blog for my web id benzrad, at .thx
God, i recent paid more attention to my baby&myself Chinese Pinyin name, and
even blogger’s user so large a group, i got our blogs in exact Chinese name
or my coined name without any deter. they r ,mine .with these
beautiful namespace<…science%29>,
i felt really bounty of God’s gift for my Royal of China under his shine.

fairway, China surveillance and shits
Internet<…i/Internet>cop/dog. my kingdom
doomed to grow and blow, ur destiny of tomb near and
near. u pick fall. i endorsed with rising.

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