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{June 15, 2009}   a great week.
[image: scientboyprofile.png]
*my work of designing nephew an avatar or logo.*
*[image: DSCF3328.JPG]
*my breakfast in mid of my morning work. mother cooked for me these days.*
this week really busy. it started with a landrush for facebook’s vanity url
claiming. i got up unusually around 5 am and waited for the moment the site
allow my claiming my frequent web id. when all ready, i finished it within
several minutes, with several kind of browsers open and several family
facebook accounts logged some disappointing, i got known that some
family facebook accounts i recent built, not allowed to register their
favorable name in its url, and later via search i got known on 28th of this
month, i will get it. in the night in daily discuss with baby and his mom
in Qiqihar<
(Qiqihar)&t=h>, northeastern
(China)&t=h>, i told them the great news of their vanity urls, but they
didn’t applaud as i expect. baby still don’t want talk to me and banned his
mom doing so.
then the next day launched to retouch family twitter background image to
include new facebook profile url. that merely cost me a day to design and
update twitter sites with the outcome. coming next is to add facebook
connect, now with more family facebook profiles, to family genwi newspapers,
to improve its universal log in and richer publication sources. i did the
same later to family retaggr accounts. in the afternoon. the nephew who just
came over his national college entrance exam, visited me, i picked his once
ask for a avatar like mine, with powerful warez i collected from web, i
demonstrated him and finished the work after near 3 hours. in the night, i
suddenly felt the decision to add Chinese domestic mailbox into alternative
secure mailbox among my google <> accounts was wrong, for
China surveillance anytime can break into any account with domestic ISPs,
obtain all credentials u registered, ruin ur account at will, so its wiser
to cut off all my google and yahoo accounts’ sharing detain with Chinese
ISPs. that cost me more than a day, and this morning, when i sorted my
bookmarks locally, i felt time to make clear family googlepages sites ripes.
so i launched to check every family google account to make full use of them
to claiming more googlepages. google decided migrating googlepages to its
sites product, and stop all googlepages’ registry. but account already open
a googlepages can continue create no more than 3 sites in one gmail
account. its really a joy to enrich my domains with these new sites.

ok, its my recent works, its turning sultry these days after enough
rain and clouds. i really appreciate the weather since my arrival in
my hometown journey. i rightly look forward re-experience the
heat and moist here in central China where i was bred, i look forward more
direct contacts with the stinging sunshine, my best gift and one of most
powerful tool of Masheng, my

these days in a turbulence of site building, i seldom talk with Masheng, nor
girl lÃœ in her 2 days’ rains. i also don’t sing after dinner as usual. the
neighbor wives upset me. and hostile neighbors got me low.

ok, its time to bye.i hope its not a long time before i kiss my baby son
again. i hope we can enjoy more and more in the coming years.

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