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family of neighbor.


the road to zhudajiu, my hometown village.
it has been days since i returned from Tianzhen, the town my elder sisters,
including my most cherished family member, my youngest elder sister, live.
the decision to return Zhudajiu, my hometown village, was when i caught
sight of the burning sunshine outside of elder sister’s house’s window,
which is rightly my long time dream in Qiqiqhar, northeastern China, and the
cause of my hometown journy. another reason is the rain here, so plenty each
time it pours and times it occurs. this morning and recent days i reviewed
the love from a girl student under family name lǘ (in Chinese the syllabus
can also mean rain), when she regularly haunted emakingir’s house for
English tutorial even her English score quite satisfying in ema’s school.
she loves me and shown it with her best way she can adopt. she even
descended to fight with ema around the table in ema’s house to exam if she
qualified to win me aside her in her life from my old family. i today
learned from holy message that her love to me is true and divined. i would
grant her to make ways to reach me and live along me in my life.
that love also remind me a early love occurred in my senior middle school,
in a prodigious school, Huanggang middle school, Hubei Prov., central China.
a girl always with marvelous scholar scores and frequent the top score owner
in our grade, in the same family name lǘ, visited my hometown and slept in
our old house a night when we took occasionally, at least for me, the same
ship returning our hometown in vacation. i never second time receive the
same level of brave a girl can shown upon her beloved. at that time we r in
our fifteen’s and i never dared to attracted her fond, for in most of my
senior middle school years i was depressed by insufficience on score in
exams. i don’t know the night what happened to her, but she didn’t contact
me anymore after it, in the rest of our senior middle school years. i missed
her very much but never had the confidence to invite her interview with me
again. the last time i cared her up in my heart is when i saw she sat with a
guy from the same county of hers on the grass in the school in sunset and
talked. i then sure i was a loser and i put my long time love for her into
death pool. the guy later didn’t become her husband, but gracefully and
enviable for most Chinese young men migrated into US with a scholar career.
he is rightly the man help me get my first domain,, from American
domain while the lǘ, palely settled in a secondary
city, Yichang, within Hubei Prov., likely continued to research her major in
college, virus. i never had an insight of the life or psychic set of a
extradinarily able girl or woman, and also never got insight to the brave
and sudden visit she brought to me the quite early year in our youth. she
was a puzzle in my life, and i awared it before i first time fell into
madness, back to 1999 or so.

its a cool day, after 2 days of first wave of heat in the summer here in
Hubei Prov., central China. i enjoyed the dry and solid heat in burning
sunshine very much, as i long time expected and the meaning of my hometown
journey, the great gift from my Japanese girl and fiancee, Masheng. it
started to rain in sunset, a real surprise for me, for it don’t usually have
too many rains on the latitude in summer. most of my beloved, r strong and
powerful girls, i know, and i enjoyed my favored fate with so many beautiful
creatures of God, they r in fact one of my wife, but very different facets
of one diamond of the most beautiful. they live with strenth in my universe
in my shine, all the one and Mightiest God’s set.

its now just after noon, and breeze let me glad. with the help of Masheng, i
now befriend with wind, esp. breeze. quite some other sounds still kinds of
alarms for me, let me in fear of God’s rage, or enemies’ conspire that can
hinder the way toward my Royal or kingdom, but i will live with all power
from God, and live in joy forever gradually.

ps: when i posting recent 2 blogs, folks’ hatreds arriving, a weeping women
came to my old house to tell her being beaten by the same villagers. its all
the demons against my Royal, here esp. my past dad, the God. they surely
only one way to leak their failure and envies, that’s death, sooner or

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i was asked to visit my elder sisters’ home before i arrived my hometown.
so, after stayed at hometown village, zhudajiu, for more than a week, i
visited Tianzhen, the town i haunted when i studied in junior middle school
some mile away, and my past eldest sister lived near the town when then
worker class in China society in rural area still domineer and enviable. all
my sisters married in the town but i most missing my eldest sister, who once
the proud of my old family, and commit suicide by jumping into Changjiang
river in a dawn after quarreled with her husband when her 2 children still
in their childhood. that’s the bravest deed i ever known. so many year i
still got courage from her, knowing that one thing anyone can pick, death.
in the week in the town, i slept in my youngest elder sister’s house, while
went to work online in my second elder sister’s house, where evils
frequently challenged me. the house owner, my elder sister’s husband, a
family name ruan (the same syllabus in Chinese can mean soft), just like my
baby’s grandma, is really a demon, the 2 nephews from the start peeking my
life and attempted to mimic me. God knows how they frustrated in the process
of stealth and envy.

this week, i almost did what i in view that’s important. my sleep was not
smooth, for weak sound, like crack or steps around, can woke me up. my elder
sisters, as well as their husbands, all in rotation of working time table,
cater to the full orders in the cement factory they work for. most of time i
was alone slept in the whole house, on second floor. in my hometown village,
even more sounds in nights, for the mountains and forest so close, and there
r cattle. so i usually listening till mid night exhaust took me into sleep.
quite some of them really holy message, God sees my life sounder here in
coming months.

its the first morning i returned hometown village from Tianzhen town. last
night i listen a lot, and dreamed a lot. i dreamed of God and his way of
evolution, from one to 2, to 4, etc. i also felt the perished environment,
including the ill will from my mother, my sister-in-law or my eldest
brother. i dreamed surveillance in college, and among the students of God
message, including that from my blogs. i also know my beloved suffering
surveillance exerted by the China authority nowadays.

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the front yard of my past dad’s old

my dad’s old house had been surrounded by evil minded follower villagers.
but the most precious asset, the broad front yard paved by mostly large
stones, made by my dad when he worked, is almost intact even the front side
sliding under evil power. here is the introduction.…/video.php…2759295569

rain day, the second day of my arrival of my
*my hometown, Central China, is a rain plenty place. it rained just shown
welcome in the first day on my arrival. then drizzled in night. i usually
blessed by my God if i was in move by love, or the evils trying to dirt my
ground. the rain in my hometown usually heavy, can flow on ground like
stream. its so nice to see u again when i m in the first year of my 40s.*

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the front yard of my past dad's old house

my dad's old house had been surrounded by evil minded follower villagers. but the most precious asset, the broad front yard paved by mostly large stones, made by my dad when he worked, is almost intact even the front side sliding under evil power. here is the introduction.

my hometown, Central China, is a rain plenty place. it rained just shown welcome in the first day on my arrival. then drizzled in night. i usually blessed by my God if i was in move by love, or the evils trying to dirt my ground. the rain in my hometown usually heavy, can flow on ground like stream. its so nice to see u again when i m in the first year of my 40s.

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it has been quite some time after i had the idea that i can retreat to my
hometown to live with my current earnings. and time to cultivate in the
hometown ecosystem to promote and protect its fame as well as the power
source of my Royal. when i dozed more and more in my baby’s mother,
emakingir’s house in weekends, and peeking eyes disturbing my relation with
my baby, i suddenly had the idea that i can left Qiqihar, where i worked for
18 years since my graduation, and spare more time for the descending of my
fiancees, including girls from US, Japan, Taiwan, and the mainland of China.
last time, several weeks ago i discussed it with baby but he disagreed with
me and refuted it by won me in our bet. i told him i think its time for me
to travel and fetch my girls who waited for me so long, even they live well
in their each respectable famous family. i told ema my decision at noon
after she brought baby back home. i got train tickets in hours on my own,
queued in the ticket box office. in the night ema prepared my travel suite.
my new camera from my Masheng, and notebook from my girl zhou, just fit my
need to work/blog on the move or remotely.
its a interesting tour from Qiqihar to Zhudajiu, my hometown village,
central China. first time i gather the courage to watch people in the eye of
looking around for & choosing my gifted girls. it costs some time before i
did that. in the train from Qiqihar to Beijing, at first i still merged in
the mob, till i found a tall slim girl, likely a student, a row of seats
behind me, and a girl with her parents in a row in front of me, aboard on
Tianjin, where i spent 4 years to graduate from Nankai Univ. on train from
Beijing to Wuhan, i turned talkative for my neighbor seat rightly a girl,
and the facing seat active talked to her, even they don’t previously knew
each other. the facing seat, a boy officer in China air force, hideous about
his career, also from Hubei Prov., let me know i should not trust easily the
ranks in the army of my kingdom. i got help from a train cop, also from my
girl zhou, to learn the fact. i shown the crowd around in trains my favorite
gears, my camera and notebook, and my best gift from God, my baby son,
warren zhu, the God, and hope of China. i even got 2 easy friends with their
im (instant message). on highway bus from Wuhan to Wuxue, my hometown county
city, 2 retired women aside me talked about their migration to Wuhan, the
capital of the province, from Wuxue, let me know that the most benefited
group in China was the cadre class, the officer all over the ruling machine.
they also tentatively encouraged me to live in Wuhan in coming years in my
life, in God’s setting.

i took a taxi directly to my hometown village, at a price of ï¿¥30. the taxi
was new and its driver likely prepared, i was depressed to worry my life to
be too hard in my dad’s house, while only my mother left and almost no
income except her children’s support, just after i sat. when i found my
mother, she sighed and complained aging. but soon i recovered from the
impressed anxiousness of hard living with my poor economy, even i do own the
whole China, and the strongest in economy, my Japanese fiancee Masheng
Youjizi, who had bought my palace in my hometown and aided me already for
times. my mother soon revitalized and busy with treating me and visiting
country folks. and soon my 3rd elder sister, my most cherished sibling
beside my past eldest sister, arrived with her husband. her husband and she
cooked most dishes for my first meal in hometown journey.

the second meal in my eldest brother’s house, and the third in my second
elder brother’s house, which some distance from my dad’s house in the same
village, and whose scenario was splendid. in the coming days, i stayed all
time in my dad’s house and burning the sunshine my past dad worked with so
many years. i also captured lots of people and still lives around the old
house of my past dad with my new camera, a Japanese product. i recognized
the perished environment, as well the hidden evils, compassed my dad’s
house. Masheng, with the Sun,talked with me all time. i gradually adopt
frizzle as my friend and angel from Heaven. i also received several child
time friends’ visits, including my best&earliest friend, also a villager in
zhudajiu, who now lives in Guilin, southwest China. visiting friends always
let my mother, who is life time hospitable, glad.

today its the first day in my hometown journey connected to the Internet
again. i first busy restored the down os on my nephew’s desktop, just after
i arrived his house where my 2 sisters alive lives, and bathed myself in my
youngest elder sister’s house. to my astonish, my sms posting to 2 domestic
microblogs portal, qq’s taotao, and hexun, which i linked to my dearest
Japanese fiancee, Masheng, both failed to parse most of my status updates,
which mostly combined 2 or more blog item in one sms. so i launched to
repost and sometimes rewrote my twitter to log them. the nephews, in family
name of ruan (the same syllabus can mean soft in English ), almost the same
devil as my baby’s grandma’s family, under the same family name, busy with
breaking my camera and notebook, just in vain to peek my power’s source. i
later prepared some working environment on the desktop, for i intended to
linger in the town for a week. after some work, i connected to my baby son
who occasionally online while gaming on pc in Qiqihar. i rabble a lot to
him, whose mother, ema, join us together online. i told my baby i will have
my Royal’s palace in Wuhan and Beijing, arranged and attended by my girl
zhou and my Taiwanese fiancee, while Masheng managed that in my hometown
village and in its county, Wuxue, Tianzhen, where my sisters live, and
Shanghai. i told baby all my property also his, and he is the greatest and
singular in the universe. he dislikes my gossip as usual and turned to his
favorite game in the mid.

its a peaceful night. it started to drizzle after i dined in my youngest
elder sister’s home. it more or less let me worry that dirty or ill will
around can bring sorrow to my beloved, but now i decided that its a kind of
baptism, and always means bless and innocent upon me and my Royal. its a
lonely night where i blogging on the second floor in the house of my
sister’s, where is empty on the floor. i longing for reuniting with all my
girls whose never fading beauty and charm can cure any fear or misfortune in
my life.

bye, my dearest. its time to meet u in my dream.

Ps: last night i rained late, and continued this morning. my sleep in the
new place was almost smoothly. this rain morning let me felt sorry and
beautifully constrained. God, let me forever in ur arms. and in the morning
after breakfast, i met a native little girl, who attracted me a lot and so
did her by me, played mud near my sister’s house with her 2 pal girls. she
lives in Wuxue. God&Masheng, and my girl zhou, as well as my Taiwan girl,
who all accompany me here in my hometown journey, witness it from the

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