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i had reported the passing granny, Dai in family name, in my previous
twitter. yesterday her funeral held by her offspring. granny Dai is the wife
of an zhu, who passed earlier than her many years without any child, in the
village. she is a short and a bit fat woman, generally hospitable. she and
her husband adopted a girl, who married her neighbor in the village, 3th son
of a family with 3 sons and a daughter. so all the offspring of her
son-in-law and his relatives joined the funeral and mourning as her sons.
its in a long time my first time to witness a village funeral, and many
moments in the process when i shot photos and videos for the event i preview
the funeral of my past dad, whose funeral i missed and never assured all
went right. i many times felt would cry but my camera let me engaged. its
also likely my first performance in front of my countryside patriots since
my falling into madness several years ago, after so many years they seeing
me as the gifted and looked up in expectation of achievement, for i was
enrolled by a prodigious university, Nankai Univ., in China, first in the
history of zhudajiu, my hometown village. nowadays i really in broad view of
my world, and devoted to lead God’s glory and sovereign on the land, as well
as the nation in my coming kingdom of 1109 years. in the days since my
return to the village, i really felt my Royal was inspired by the world that
belongs to me, not all the folks in the village, for i perceived so many
evil eyes and souls in the village, esp. the blood connected pals, who shown
lots of hatred toward my past dad and my old family. God surely let anyone
has his goal and pleasure of self-realization independently, but leader like
my past dad, should not be hated for his brilliance. only ill hearts and
hatreds-filled persons can do. i really saw in these days that God’s glory
is the kind that its perfection never seen before on the earth, its just too
perfect to leave any dent of trifle or meaningfulless among men. it lasts
every moments and flashs like beam of light, flows across like breeze in a
half of yesterday was in rain. it started soon after the coffin left the
square of the village and after i sorted photos and videos just shot in
front yard of my past dad’s house, via my notebook and camera. it just so
auspicious for me, for i love rain, love baptism, love seeing Masheng rest
herself and girl lü in duty in the Sun’s setting. i love the constrain rain
brings to too bustle persons and ceases to enjoy the superpower of the
nature. some women watched my photos, then all cooking utilities moved to my
dad’s old house, and since them lots of villages busy in the house, cooking,
arranging, or watching my works on tv or web in my bedroom.

its a nice day, the daughter-in-law of my elder brother brought her webcam
to me and i succeeded to install it. my baby still in these days loathed to
talk with me, but i felt i can have more chance to talk with him and his
mother online.

ok, below is my works for the funeral, which also reminded me one of my
teacher, Daijun (in same family name of the past granny), whose fond on me
envied by my alumni including those scores in subjects higher than mine and
generally more important in class ( they told me later when i in college,
while i never felt the fond when i cramming myself for college entrance exam
and in depression), in my senior middle school, Huanggang Middle School.

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