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{April 17, 2009}   first gloomy morning, stayed with baby since noo
these days baby under his grandma’s custody in daytime, for his previous
kindergarten went bankrupt. i can’t trust baby’s health to the demon woman,
so i constantly in anxiousness when i in office. 2 beginning days started
with *bright sunshine*, then gradually turned into pale and weak afternoon,
twice drove me heading home just after lunch in office. each time i saw the
devil challenged me silently. i don’t know how to rid baby off the dirty,
but i think my presence at home can enhance baby’s strength against evils
the demon can exert. today its from the start a gloomy day, cloudy since the
morning. i dozed a lot in office, to be exact, almost the full morning. baby
recently also slept a lot, mostly from 12 to 4pm when the demon grandma
slept aside him in bedroom, unlike usually only an hour after lunch. in
office i dreamed of chasing an a bit fat girl, and won her against 2 of her
admirers. when i woke up, the weak sunshine alarms my cares about baby in
the arms of the grandma, i tried to read awhile, then let it go and left the
office to home. baby seemingly OK, and we soon gaming on pc. his mother had
arranged to check his health in hospital to assure the privilege to join his
new kindergarten, which previously a affiliate unit of the company i once
worked for, just minutes walks from my office. baby this afternoon woke up
earlier and soon picked his favorite game on my notebook, while i attending
downloading recently speedy, at same time skimmed some ebook. the
anxiousness left me after i saw my baby, but a drizzle started after lunch
really blessed me a lot. i love rain and drizzle so much, it recall my life
memory of solitary and silence in hand with the nature, when i grew in my
hometown in central China.

Ok, its a happy story about my concerns. i hope *my dear in Japan* can see
my obligation to *the Sun* and the God of rain. i live in *the shine
of God* and
forever in his adoration. i look into every opportunity to unite with u in
the same perfume of our bodies closely attached.

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