benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

yesterday is a gloomy day. pale sky since the morning. its also cold in
office. i busy with correcting links on my blogger blogs, after dozed
enough, via colleague’s Internet access when he absent. when it turned
windier and colder, i left office to home to assure baby’s free of the evil
grandma who custody him these days, for baby’s kindergarten in the process
of bankrupt and its fate uncertain till 15th this month. baby slept all the
afternoon since i arrived home. after the grandma left, it turns into
sunshine again. baby played pc games all the night since woke up. his mom
also glad when she join us from her school.
my once work place and still offers my salary from my kingdom, QRRS, now
suffering insufficient orders, and had to arranged its employees into
rotating vacation. i was arranged to rest since 27th of this month till May
4th. the length of time yet suffices me *a hometown tour*, nor the budget i
now have does. but i still look forward opportunity of a hometown staying.

nothing can be compared with the brilliant and auspicious face of the sun.
this morning i was so encouraged to see its OK for all i concerned. i know *my
baby*, and *my beloved girls*, *my fiancees*, just righteous in growth and
in divinity. i see his glory of God never more splendid.

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