benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

yesterday was my first time bring my favorite notebook, *a Hasee notebook*,
to work in office. the morning i found the proxy offered by a women
colleague’s husband refusing connection. i felt its time to do some more
readings into ebooks i collected so many. tech news i enjoyed previously so
much can be followed via offline function of *google* products, like gmail,
google calendar, google reader, etc, all offer offline function, including
this post. i ditched the legend pc offered by QRRS, my once employer, and
cleared my desk for my notebook. in the last afternoon, i started to enjoy
reading ebook on software architecture. but the woman colleague soon visited
my office and dialed to let her husband to resume proxy for me. in the night
baby played pc game all night. we, ema and me, all enjoyed the game with
this snow, the 6th in lunar 2009, is a surprise for me. for i didn’t felt
too much dirt to cleanse. last noon i got the idea to buy a new game machine
notebook, to name it, a Hasee Grace HP640, which equipped with dvd-rw,
independent video card with 128m memory, 2g ram, just a dreamed box. i
discussed it with ema at noon, but she sneezed at me as usual as anything
concerning money. in the night i tried to contact my kid brother in south
China for assistance but failed. the cellphone number offered by my elder
sister in my home town also in valid. that’s my sunny yesterday.

this snow is sure a blessing upon my idea that i can and should own 2 Hasee
notebooks. one for work, one for game. one for mobile and office, one for
home and entertain. one for me and one for future baby son, warren, God and
*hope of China*, if i depart from him temporarily. i surely will soon see my
second Hasee (the brand Chinese name "神舟") notebook toward my biz on the
earth on behalf of God.

yesterday after i got Internet access again, i also doubting if i should
strike a blog entry for my favorite Hasee notebook’s first time accompanying
me in office, but i felt i will spent more time doing research with my
plenty ebooks, and take a deeper attitude toward my presence on web in
coming time, so i gave up. now i know that my most beloved want me to
announce the great moment of our being together in business. i m proud of u,
my dear.

its second time since yesterday i bring *my camera* and my notebook in *one
pack*. i hope i sooner live with my best beloved, girl Masheng and girls
zhous. i live to live with u together and with pure light entertain from
Heaven. that’s my *vision*.

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