benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

This days family life restored to harmony. baby accepted to join
kindergarten in day time, and energetically engaged in gaming in night. i
read and search for resources to download, and made index of them. i sees no
harsh in God’s setting.
last night baby son was bathed. soon after bath he asked to watch a Chinese
war movie, "assembly", and got a bit cold. its really a enjoyable moment for
the family to see growth.

*dogs* in office biting all days, last Friday they should saw their failure
fatally. they r in fact the dead. i got view that the dead female, Fang,
ceased to pest my family, and my baby now under *my beloved*s’ attending,
which r full of love and pleasure.

last night God’s way again haunted my dream, in which i likely reviewed my
affair with my once girl friend, a Liu, when i studied in Nankai Univ., i
got know that how *fertility* important for my Royal and people, how fertile
female loveable than any others with other merits.

its *sunny now*, since morning, in which i dozed for some time till a guy
visiting the office and interrupted my mindlessliness. then all the morning
busy with trying find a solution for my English version windows xp to
support Chinese, and email client to support gmail&yahoo. i see the light
after days of finetune.

ok, its a nice day to babble here with u, my most beloved. returning to
normal life can mean lose for me, for in the moment i heard ur call was such
a loving feeling that i don’t want miss. i forever love u and looking every
possibility to reunite with u, to start *my new life*.

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