benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{March 12, 2009}   5th snow in Qiqihar after dirt and dark recently
these days pragmatic thoughts haunted my mind a lot. dogs around biting
heavily. they started to conspire against my family, esp. baby’s mother,
emakingir. last night a dog in family name Jiang, rabbled with ema on land
phone for quite some time, and dirty the house and its atmospher with ill
willes. ema always a tiny but active player, in her social stage, with her
full force of tactics. i disliked her poor and cheat resource, but taught
her no less lessons in the early years after our marrage. all in vain. she
desperate for her show, quite some ingredience of feminism, under the
influence of her evil mother. that’s all gone with the 5th snow, which can
kill and did. snow in every corner can bring prosperous and auspicious. i
love snow and known its greatest gift from my beloved in Japan. i longing in
reunion with u, my dearest.
today is a bit messy. i preparing migrating my email client from foxmail to
thunderbird. and lots of things awaiting to settle down. but still i saw the
light foldered just in a corner. i will neat my space with more readiness.

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